Math 162B/C
Calculus II
Spring, 2007

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Course syllabus
Course calendar
Homework assignments
Class frameworks (all frameworks compiled into single file; kept reasonably up to date)
Information for:
In-class exams: Exam 1, Exam 2, Exam 3, Exam 4
Final exam: Integration Review, Series Review, General Info
KnightVision (use for getting exam solutions and checking the accuracy of homework scores)
Algebra: Grading Codes   |   Top Algebra Errors Made by Calculus Students
Some thoughts about good mathematics students and suggestions on how one might improve
Professor Scofield's homepage

* Related links

Links for MATH 161 material
Integration: Online Mathematica integrator
Applet to carry out numerical integration
Functions of two variables:
plotter providing graph, contour plots and directional derivatives
The relationship between level curves and a particular surface
An illustration of the meaning of directional derivatives
A tangent plane applet
Some demos of multiple integration by Riemann sums (Paul Blanchard, Boston Univ.)
Quadric surfaces and their cross-sections
Parametrized surfaces: a torus | a helicoid
Changes of variables: polar to rectangular coordinates | a nonlinear transformation
The meaning of cylindrical coordinates
An illustration of the parametrization of a line

* Software links

The Mathematics Visualization Toolkit, a powerful, free tool for graphing functions
Mozilla's homepage, for downloading its Firefox browser (version 1.5 for Windows)

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