Grading Codes

AHWT  =  Alternative Hypothesis is Wrong Type (1- instead of 2-sided or vice-versa, or 1-sided in the wrong direction)
ALC  =  Avoid the Language of Causation (No cause-and-effect relationship is implied here)
AQAA  =  Answer the Question(s) As Asked
CATV  =  Check that the Assumptions of the Test you are using are Valid for this data
CIHT  =  Confidence Interval given when Hypothesis Test is called for
CPQV  =  Categorical Procedure has been applied to Quantitative Variable(s)
ECF  =  Error Carried Forward from a previous calculation without additional penalty
FRF  =  Frequency was used in place of Relative Frequency
HAPV  =  Hypotheses are About Population Values, not things observed in the sample
HTCI  =  Hypothesis Test was carried out when Confidence Interval is called for
HD  =  How was answer Determined?
IPV  =  Invalid P-Value: given that a P-value is the probability of something, it must be between 0 and 1.
NANH  =  Never say words equivalent to “we Accept the Null Hypothesis”
NHSE  =  Null Hypothesis should be a Statement of Equality
QPCV  =  Quantitative Procedure has been applied to Categorical Variable(s)
SW  =  Show Work!
TSMP  =  Two-Sample t procedure used when Matched Pairs t called for (or vice-versa)
UEC  =  Using Equals as a Conjunction
WPS  =  Wrong Parameter Symbol for the quantity in question (perhaps μ was used when p called for, or vice-versa)

Thomas L. Scofield 02/28/2004