Math 132A
Calculus for Management, Life and Social Sciences
Spring, 2010

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Course syllabus
Course calendar
Homework assignments
Exam study guides: Exam 1 | Exam 2 | Exam 3
KnightVision (for access to exam solutions)
Algebra: Grading Codes   |   Top Algebra Errors Made by Calculus Students
Some thoughts about good mathematics students and suggestions on how to become one
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Examples from class:
Optimization: Problems from Sections 2.6—2.7
Regression material, from Wed. May 5:
Webpage containing entry boxes (half-way down page) for checking your computation of sums in the formulas for slope and y-intercept
Tutorial for statistical calculations on a TI-83 (also applies to the TI-84, and perhaps others)
StatCrunch statistical software (requires login info identical to KnightVision login)
Short guide to StatCrunch
Class handouts:
Curve sketching practice (some solutions provided)
Graphing utilities and demonstrations:
A simple graphing applet
A multigraph applet
An applet for exploring the graphs of polynomials (up to degree 5)
An applet for exploring transformations of input/output of a function
An applet for exploring compositions of functions
Secant Tangent Applet: See demonstration of tangent line approximated by secant lines
Derivative Function Applet: See the relationship between a function and its derivative
Polygonal approximations to area of the unit circle
Riemann Sums Applet: Approximate areas under curves using rectangles and trapezoids.

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