SC 11 Education Program in Seattle, November, 2011

The information below is for participants in the two RStudio sessions from the SC 11 Education Program in Seattle.

Access to RStudio

There are several ways to use RStudio for these sessions:
  1. Recommended Method: Participants at the sessions will receive a username and password that allows them to login to an RStudio server hosted on dahl (the beowulf cluster at Calvin College)
  2. RStudio has also been installed on the loaner laptops for SC11. This is primarily as a failsafe in case you have trouble with the internet connection to dahl.
  3. You can also download and install both R and RStudio on your own computer. Versions exist for Mac, PC, and Linux. You can get them here:


Installing R Packages

These session make use of a number of packges. These packages have been installed on our server and on the loaner laptops. If you are using your own machine (during the conference or after your return), you can use the following command to install all of these packages in one go:
This may take several minutes to complete.

Session 1: An Introduction to R and RStudio for the Sciences

Session 2: R for Biology Applications

SC 11 Workshop at Calvin College, June 2011

Introduction to Computational (Bio)Statistics with R