Math Sites with K-12 Resources

Presentation at CEA Convention -- October, 2002

"Life is good for only two things, discovering mathematics and teaching mathematics"
--Simťon Poisson (via Mathematical Quotations Server)

Below is a list of sites that have mathematical resources that could be used for K-12 education. For each site there is a description of the sorts of things that you might find there and links to some examples.

A few caveats before we begin:

  1. The web is constantly changing. There be more, less or different stuff at any of these sites in the future.
  2. The quality of the materials is not uniform, even at a good site. It is still necessary to look things over and select the good and useful items.
  3. I do not have control over any of these sites, so do not send me comments about their contents, errors, etc. Send that information to the authors of the materials.
  4. However, if you find broken links, another useful site or example, or have other suggestions for the improvement of this page, send them to me via email to
Now let's see what there is out there!

Featured Sites

I have chosen to highlight some sites; additional sites are listed at the bottom of this page. I chose to highlight sites that were either more familiar to me or which I found to have particularly good interactive mathematics resources (mathlets).

Quotation Servers

I used the Mathematical Quotations Server at Furman University to find the quotation at the top of this page. This site allows you to search a database of mathematical quotes, read the quote of the day, or get a random quotation.

Another source of quotations with a somewhat different emphasis (more quotations relating to education) is the Mathematical and Educational Quotation Server at Westfield State College.

Project Interactivate

Project Interactivate has many nice interactive mathlets arranged by topics and keyed to the Standards. There are also Discussions, and Lessons that accompany the mathlets and give examples of how to use them, including additional materials like worksheets, etc.

Here are a few examples:

Among other things this site includes

i-Math investigations
Ready-to-use interactive, multimedia math lessons (each is built on a mathlet)

Inquiry on Practice
vidio vignettes, research reports, and articles for teachers

Selected Web Resources
Reviewed mathematics education web resources

Interactive Mathlets
Mathlets you can use to explore math and create interactive lessons

Math Forum at Drexel

This site has a wide variety of useful features for mathematics at all levels Kindergarten through advanced undergraduate. Just a few samples:


E-standards is Principles and Standards for School Mathematics at In addition to the text of the Standards documents, this site has a section entitled Electronic Examples. These examplse are arranged by grade level [K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12] and keyed to specific parts of the Standards documents and are accompanied by discussions of how to use them in the classroom and what sorts of goals the activities seek to accomplish.

Many (perhaps all) of this are available through the Illuminations site mentioned above.

Center for Mathematics Education at the Education Development Center

The EDC has many projects and lots of information. Here are two items that may be of some interest:

Other places to look

Google search engine

Although it is not tuned for mathematics, Google is an excellent search engine and often turns up good things. Many of the web resources I use in my classes have been found by doing google searches (or by following links on sites found by Google). In particular, if I am hoping to find an interactive demonstration of some topic doing a search on that topic plus "java" is often useful.

The search above turned up

Some things of mine

If you happen to be interested in calculus, discrete mathematics or statistics, you might find something useful on one of my course home pages.

Math Archives

This site contains links to a variety of Internet sites on mathematics education, and emphasizes things at the high school and college level, but may havce useful resources for lower grades as well. Of particular interest here:

Sites with Problems, Puzzles, and Challenges

Sites with Lesson Plans, Worksheets, and Simliar



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