Michigan NExT 2000

Supported by the Michigan Section-MAA and the Exxon Foundation

Thursday April 26, 2001

Hope College: Room 240 Van Zoeren

4:00-4:20 Greeting, Magret Hoft from the University of Michiganearborn and Secretary/Treasurer of the Michigan MAA; John Kiltinen from Northern Michigan University and Governor of the Michigan MAA will welcome the Fellows and talk about the Michigan-MAA section.

4:30-5:30 Using the Web Effectively in the Classroom, Matt Boelkins from Grand Valley State University and Randy Pruim from Calvin College.

5:30-6:00 Undergraduate Research, Tim Pennings from Hope College will speak on is experience with undergraduate research

6:00-6:30 NCTM Principles and Standards, Rebecca Walker from Western Michigan University will speak on the NCTM principles and standards. Abstract: The new NCTM principles and standards for school Mathematics are influencing what is being taught in schools. In Michigan high schools students are increasingly using curricula that are based on these standards. This presentation will explore what students who learned mathematics using such a curriculum bring with them to college and how you might take advantage of their background.

6:30-6:40, What Next? Plan for the future of Michigan Project NExT.

7:00-9:00, Dinner at 84 East.

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