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1999-2000 Project NExT Info

Brown Dot Resources Page
1999-2000 Project NExT (New Experiences in Teaching)
Supported by the Mathematical Association of America and the Exxon Education Foundation

Page created: June 03 1999
Last modified: Tuesday, 11-Dec-2001 14:29:51 EST
Page Maintained by a team of Brown Dots (listed below).


This page exists primarily to serve as a collection of sites and information which are or were (or might have been) useful to those participating in Project NExT 1999-2000 (a.k.a the brown dots). But if you have similar interests, you may find this page useful too.

Who are the "Dots"?

Each year's NExT Felows are distinguished by a dot color.
  • The 1999-2000 Fellows are the Brown Dots
  • Gavin LaRose, one of the associate co-directors of Project NExT, maintains a searchable database with information about all the Project NExT Fellows.
  • If you want to see us, look at the picture, taken at the Los Angeles MathFest.
For more information about Project NExT, including application information, visit the Project NExT Home Page at the Mathematics Archives

Brown Dot Links

Below are links to a variety of web resources collected by and for Brown Dot Fellows.

What's New?

You can use a web form to submit new links. New links will automatically be placed here and eventually get incorporated into the resources organized by humans.

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  • AMS: American Mathematical Society
  • AP: Advanced Placement: This link has information about AP and an on-line application form to be an AP reader. (Mark Mills)
  • MAA: Mathematical Association of America [MAA Basic Library List]
  • NCTM: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • NSF: National Science Foundation
  • Project NExT
  • SIAM: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
  • YMN: Young Mathematicians Network

Professional Development

Teaching resources arranged by methodology/pedagogy

Teaching resources arranged by course

Research resources

  • XXX mathematics archives: a great web resource for preprints in all areas of mathematics. This front for the archive is at UC Davis. (Blake Mellor)

Meetings with Brown Dot Events

1999 Project NExT and MathFest in Providence

Joint Meetings in Washington, DC

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Project NExT/MathFest in Los Angeles

Who did this?

The Brown Dot Web Resourses page is begin maintained by the following team of Brown Dot NExT Fellows:

Dan Dreibelbis
Liberal Arts Math, Logic, Topology, Meetings
Karrolyne Fogel
Linear Algebra, History of Mathematics
Brian Gill
Probability and Statistics (Calculus based), Analysis, Calculus
John Kuchenbrod
Geometry, Bridge Courses
Randall Pruim
Main Brown Dot Page, Discrete Mathematics, Statistics, Miscellaneous
Asoka Ramanayake
Buisiness Calculus, Statistics (non-Calculus)
Tom Scofield

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