A Game with 6 Dice

I don't remember the name of this game, but it uses 6 dice, which makes it a game with 6 dice.

Rules of the game

  1. Players take turns in rotation. At each turn a player has two options.

  2. After each roll, any scoring subset of the rolled dice may be "reserved" and their score noted. Unreserved dice are available for the next roll. If all rolled dice are used in scoring, the next roll begins with all 6 again.

    Scoring is based on the outcome of the dice rolled (reserved dice are not included, except for the case of 6 1's in multiple rolls, see below).

    event (single roll) scoring
    1's 10 per 1 (but see note on 3 of a kind)
    5's 5 per 5
    3 of a kind 10 times value rolled (this includes 1's, so 3 1's is worth less than 2 1's)
    4 of a kind 100
    3 pairs 150
    striaght (1,2,3,4,5,6) 250
    5 of a kind 250
    6 of a kind instant win!

    The one exception to the rule that scoring only involves the most recently rolled dice (and not the reserved dice) is the following:

  3. The player may stop at any time as long as
    1. at least one die remains "unreserved",
    2. the last roll resulting in a score, and
    3. if the player has not yet scored, the score for the round must be at least 75.

    If the player chooses to stop (with unreserved dice remaining), all points scored in the round are credited to the player and play continues to the next player. (Remember: a player must score 75 points in the first scoring round.) If at any point a player does not roll any additional scoring dice, all points for the round are lost and play passes to the next player.

  4. Play continues as above until someone reaches 1000. At that point players are eliminated if after their turn they do not have the highest score. This continues until one player remains. (Note: the lead can leap-frog several times. For a slightly shorter game, simply give each player one turn after someone reaches 1000 and declare a winner.)