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This page exists primarily to serve as a collection of sites and information which are or were (or might have been) useful to me (i.e., as an extended bookmark list that I can access from anywhere.) But if you have similar interests, you may find this page useful too.

If not...

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Undergradutate Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

My Course Web Pages
Some of the older ones are no longer maintained, but you can find a list of many courses for which I made web pages. In addition, for some subjects I have made organized lists of web resources.
Other Course Web Pages:
| Ten Powerful Ideas -- and applications (a.k.a. "How to think like a Computer Scientist"; this is the course web page for Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon, Spring 1998) |
Other Teaching Resources:
| STATS 99 | The Mathematics Archives | ACM Ironman Report on CS Curriculum | Emerging Scholars Calculus Workshop Materials/Info | Peer Instruction in Large Lectures ( Eric Mazur--Harvard Physics) | Euclid's Elements (with JAVA diagrams) | Math Quotes Server | Math in the Movies |
Math and CS at Calvin College:
| Department of Mathematics and Statistics | Department of Computer Science | Abstraction (Calvin's Computer Science Club) | CLUG (Calvin Linux Users' Group) | EVaL (Educational Verification and Learning) |
| Mathematical Contest in Modeling ( 2000 problems, 2001 problems) | Michigan Undergraduate Mathematics Conference | Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference |
| Addison-Wesley | McGraw-Hill Higer Edu | Prentice Hall | Seven Bridges Press | Springer Web site | Springer FTP site | PWS |


Announcements for Conferences, Colloquia, etc
| Depaul University Theory Seminar | University of Chicago Computer Science Colloquium |
Logic and Theoretical Computer Science Sites:
| ECCC: (The Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity) | Stas Busygin's NP-completeness Page | Dennis's (computer science) Theory Page | CS Theory Links | DIMACS | Problems in Finite Model Theory | Paderborn Theory Group (Papers, notes, etc.) | Steve Seiden's Theoretical Computer Science Cheat Sheet (compressed postscript) | Paramaterized Complexity Theory | FOM: Steve Simpson's Foundation of Mathematics stuff |
Conferences, Meetings, Workshops:
|Upcoming IEEE Conferences | IEEE Computational Complexity Conference (Home page) | Computational Complexity 2000 (web site, brochure) | CS Technical Reports Library |
| Steve Fenner, | Lance Fortnow | Joan Hart | Steve Homer | Pekka Orponen |
Magazines, Journals, Articles:
| XXX physics e-prints | Search UnCover database for articles on almost anything (also: UnCover Home Page) | electronic Mathematics Journal for Undergraduates | ECCC: (The Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity) | Alan Sokal's article in Social Text (and related stuff) |
| Bach/Shallit: Algorithmic Number Theory |
| Strategic Directions in Theory of Computation (ACM) |

Topics in Mathematics and Computer Science

The 3n+1 Problem (regarding a class of recursively defined sequences with interesting and not completely understood behavior).
| A Worksheet to introduce you to the problem | Generate 3n+1 sequences on the web (in several bases) | On the 3x+1 Problem by Eric Rosendaal |

Other Math and CS Sites:

Lists of Sites:
| WWW virtual library: Mathematics | WWW virtual library: Computing | CMU Computer Science Resources |
| ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) [SIGACT -- Special Interest Group in Algorithms and Computation Theory | AMS (American Mathematical Society) | IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) | MAA (Mathematical Association of America) | SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) | Project NExT | Young Mathematicians Network | ACM (Association for Computing Machines) | Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications (CoMAp) |
| Joan Hart | Doug Lea | Tom Scofield | J. Daniel Smith |

WWW Resources

WWW Searching:
| Google | Lycos | Alta Vista | InfoSeek | DejaNews | WhoWhere | Switchboard | GNN Select |
WWW Starting points:
| W3 | GNN | Yahoo | c|net online | StartingPoint | Huge List | Computer and Communication Companies | EINet | WWW Virtual Library Subject Catalogue | NPAC Oracle 7 Database Server | DTP Jumplist
HTML / Brousers:
| Blatte -- the Better LAnguage for Transforming TExt | Introduction to HTML documentation | Chimera | WWW Viewer Test Page | iDocs Guide to HTML | Learning HTML by Example | How do they do that with HTML? | Bare Bones Guide to HTML | Tips for Writers and Designers | Advanced HTML | Cascading Style Sheets Quick Reference | Style Sheet Validator | W3C (WWW Consortium) | HTML Validator | HTML Tidy (cleans up sloppy html) | CGI 101 Tutorial | CGI Resource Index | library (perl) | Use Fore Site (good source of tutorials) | Big Nose Bird (another good source of tutorials) | Animated GIFS from Harry the Cat |
| Introductory article at Web Developer's Journal |
General Reference:
| OneLook Dictionaries | Latin-English Dictionary | Web Radio | Electric Library | Global Encyclopedia | W ebster Dictionary | Britannica | GNN:Education | Hackers Dictionary | 800 numbers |


Travel Planning:
| Maps on Us | National Weather Service: Interactive Weather Information Network | Travelocity | Airlines | | Hotels | How far is it? | GNN Travelers' Center | Currency Converter |
| GORP (Great Outdoor Recreation Pages) | Reserve America (reservations for state parks in several states) | The Camping Source | National Park Service | L.L. Bean Park Search | Adirondak Mountain Club |
Grand Rapids:
| | GRATA(Grand Rapids TRansit Authority -- the bus system) | Grand Rapids Public Library (search the catalog) | WOOD TV 8 (including weather info, and school closings) | Old Kent Bank | FAA Airport Weather Info | Grand Rapids Map | Malecki Music | Christian Reformed Chruch in North America |


News Media, etc:
| ABC News | National Public Radio | New York Times (special series on race in the US)
| Federal | Rhode Island | Michigan |
| CyberHymnal |
| Latin - English online translator (Other languages avalable, too) | Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid from Notre Dame | Travlang's Translators has LOTS of translators (need an Esparanto-German translator, anyone?) |
| Skrabble (free program written in Java to play over internet) | Net Scrabble | Crossword Games DOoM | DOoM FAQ for Generic Crossword Games on the Internet. | MUD clients list | San Jose Scrabble Club No. 21, a source of information including several useful word lists |
My scrabble word lists:
|2-3 hooks |short c words |short j words |short q words |short v words |short z words |q words without 'qu' |OSPD 3 (scrabble word list, includes OSPD2 words removed from OSPD3, 548 Kbytes, not entirely up to date with subsequent changes in the official scrabble word list) |
| ESPN SportsZone | CNN/Sports Illustrated | USA Today | RDB 2 |
Useful Around the House:
| Stain removal (clothes, carpets and rugs) |
| Sommerschule Wust | Foodora |

Computer Hardware, Software and Documentation

Places to look for software:
| |
| TUG: TeX Users Group | EmTeX | EmtexGI (GI=graphical interface) | MikTeX | Using Vim with TeX (especially MiKTeX) |
| Mutt (you are using it, aren't you?) | Sven Guckes' Mutt page |
Linux (general):
| | CLUG (Calvin Linux Users' Group) | Linux HowTo's [ Laptop HowTo ]
Linux source code: | Tony's Source Archive [addpath is especially handy] |
Linux/Unix Utilities
| CVS How-to (CVS = concurrent version system) |
Text Editors:
| The Vi Editor and its clones | Vi Lovers Home Page | VIM (Vi IMproved) Home Page | US Vim Home Page | More Vim info (from | Vim Tutorial (from | (if you need a motif clone for using vim on unix machines) |
Computer Algebra Systems:
| Saaz Mathematica Tutorial from Los Alamos National Lab | Saaz Maple Tutorial from Los Alamos National Lab |
| Kye |
Reference, Lists, etc:
| Java API Documentation (at JavaSoft) | Gamelan | Digital Espresso | JavaWorld | Java Books | Gilder - Software shift | Tutorial | Virtual Rendezvous | VPRO | FAQ | Another FAQ | brief Java Tutorial | AWT Tutorial | Dr. Java | Thingtone's Java Workshop | Layout tutorial | real-time Java | Glasgow Persistent Java | Mailing-lists Search
Individual Applets/Programs of Interest:
| Conrad Lotze's list of interactive mathematics web pages | Euclid's Elements (with JAVA diagrams) | Skrabble | Subset Constructor for NFAs (by David Martin) | Instant Sports | Set Solitaire (my first applet; not completely finished, but usable) |
| libraries for The Art and Science of C by Eric Roberts | CS Education at Stanford University |
| HENSA (unix archive) | Linux Home Page | Linux | TeX Resources | Freeware Central
| (Search for device drivers) | CSUSM Windows World | OAK Repository |

Local Technical Information

Merit (Dial-in Service):
| US phone numbers | Dial-in Instructions for out-of-town connections |
| How I set it up at Calvin |

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