Golf Balls in the Yard

The Data

The following data was collected by a statistics professor who lives adjacent to a golf course and found out after moving that his back yard was a prime location for receiving golf balls poorly hit by amatuer golfers.

Golf balls are usually labeled by brand and with a number (1, 2, 3, or 4). The professor was curious to know if each of these numbers was equally likely among golfs balls hit poorly by golfers. (The fancy term for this is "uniformly distributed".) Anyway, here is a tally of the first 500 golf balls that landed in his yard:

ball number 1 2 3 4 other
tally 137 138 107 104 14

So what is the verdict?

Clearly the numbers 1-4 did not occur with exactly equal frequency in this sample, but is the distribution far enough from uniform to conclude that something besides random chance is going on here? This page can be used to look at samples of computer generated golf ball data under the assumption that each number is equally likely. (In fact, it can be used to sample from other uniform distributions as well.)

Lo: Hi: Sample Size: Number of Samples:
Why did we set the sample size to 486?

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Source: The data come from Allan Rossman, the owner of the sampling back yard.

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