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This page is intended to serve as a single location where I can collect things that I have used (or thought about using) in my classes and that may be of use to other people as well. I hope you find it of some use.

Course Home Pages

Here are links to courses I have taught that have web pages. Note: These pages are not maintained once the course is completed, so older pages are likely to have broken links, missing information, etc. Nevertheless, perhaps even the older pages may contain something of interest.

Look at these pages to find, for example, course outlines, sylabi, homework assignments, review sheets, notes, and the like that I provided for my students in a particular term. Many of the items that are more universally applicable have links below categorized by content rather than by course and term. Generally, only the most recent instantiation of each course is listed, but often the home page for that course includes links to other terms when I have taught it.

Courses at Calvin College

A course at Boston University


Web Overheads

Occassionally, instead of using overheads, I make information available on web pages (which I then project onto a screen in class). Below are some that may be of general use. Please let me know if you find any errors or have suggestions for improvement.

My Demos (webforms, applets, etc.)

These are interactive demos that I have written all or part of for use in my courses. Those that require JAVA are indicated.

Other Demos

These are other interactive demos that I have used

More JAVA Demos

There are many JAVA applets around to demonstrate various statistical concepts and procedures. The sites below have lists or indexes of such applets.

Statistics Packages available as JAVA applications

Stuff for Off-line Stats Packages

Non-JAVA demonstrations

I've Got a Little List

Here are links to some lists of links put together by others.

Data, Data, Data


Several textbook authors and publishers have a lot of information online that is of use even if you aren't using their textbook. Here are some:

Information, Please


I have occassionally made use of videos in my classes. Theses links give either simple time outlines of the videos or (in some cases) questions I have used related to video segments. I have included time outlines of videos that I have previewed, even if I have never used them.

Elementary Education

Links Elswhere

Discrete Mathematics


Textbooks and related sites

Course Home Pages

Below is a list of course home pages I have come across. The parenthesized designation indicates the text used, where applicable. (Abbreviations are listed above.)

Theorem Provers

Machine Simulators

Busy Beaver Problem

Courses, Tutorials, Demos, etc.



Miscellaneous Teaching Resources

Technology for Teaching

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