Math 343
Probability and Statistics
Fall 2014


Comments on Assignments

Homework Policy


Please work neatly. You can help me out if you do the following things: You can help yourself out (and improve your grades) if you:


The primary purpose of the homework is to help you reinforce concepts and practice techniques. It is to make sure you are understanding the material covered in class, to help you generate questions when you don't, and to provide me with feedback about how you are doing (as individuals and as a class).

Problems will typically be graded out of a small number of points (like 3). In this case, 3 indicates an essentially correct solution, 2 indicates a good attempt with some oversight or technical flaw, 1 indicates an attempt with more serious errors. In addition, I may write comments on your papers. Be sure to read these, even if you were awarded full or nearly full marks for a problem.

Collaboration and Academic Integrity

In general, you may discuss homework problems with other students, and I encourage you to do so. But the written solutions you submit must be your own work and not simply a copy of another student's work.

There may be special problems assigned for which no collaboration with others is allowed. In particular, no collaboration is permitted on any take-home problems associated with exams. It will be made clear if collaboration is not allowed on an assigned problem.

Of course, cheating on tests or the final exam is not allowed. Cheating includes the use of unauthorized notes or devices, copying from another student, or consciously allowing another student to copy from your work. Details of Calvin's policy on academic integrity can be found in the College's Student Conduct Code.

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