Math 190
First-Year Seminar in Mathematics
Fall 1999


James Bradley
North Hall-286, phone (616) 957-7104

Randall Pruim
North Hall-284, phone (616) 957-7113

The First-Year Seminar will be meeting from 3:30-5:00 pm on Wednesdays this fall. (NOTE: The time of the seminar was changed after the printing of the schedule you will receive as part of your registration materials, but it is correctly listed in the computer system.)

Date Presenter Topic
Sep 8 Pruim/Bradley Welcome and Introduction
Sep 15 Pruim G. Polya and Slicing Cheese
Sep 22 Bradley Optimization and Linear Programming
Sep 29 Bradley More Linear Programming
Oct 6 Bradley Problem solving
Oct 13 Pruim An odd collection of problems (preparation for next time)
Oct 20 Pruim Generating Functions, Fibonacci Numbers, and the Golden Mean
Oct 27 No seminar Reading Recess
Nov 3 Pruim Generating Functions, Some Problems
Nov 10 Bradley Stable Marriage Problem
Nov 17 Pruim Sizes of Infinity
Nov 24 No seminar Pre-Thanksgiving
Dec 1 Bradley Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship Lecture
Dec 8 Pruim How to Exchange Christmas Presents

For more information about the seminar, check out the Frequently Asked Questions about Math 190.

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