Math 156
Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
Fall 1999

Prolog Page

Toy Prolog Interpreter

In class I will be using the Toy Prolog interpreter (Copyright © L. Allison / 1995-1996) which can be run through the wwweb. You should be able to run it from just about any machine with a resonably current brouser.

There are very tight limits set on the size and running time of programs that can be run in this way and the Toy Prolog interpreter only recognizes a subset of the prolog language, but it will be sufficient for our purposes and it has a nice syntax (the syntax of prolog varies a bit from flavor to flavor). If you get interested in prolog and want to do more with it, you will probably want to investigate a "real" prolog interpreter. I've been told that there is (or at least has been) a prolog interpreter on some of the unix machines on campus, but I am not sure what the path is. If you discover it, let me know.

More information about the Toy Prolog interpreter can be found at
In particular, there are several example programs there.

Local Prolog stuff

  1. Introduction to Prolog
  2. Prolog Examples
  3. Prolog Exercises (part of PS 3)
  4. Solutions to Exercises above.
  5. A mostly blank page with the Toy Prolog interpreter on it. Go here to write your own programs and run them.

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