Math 156
Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
Fall 2001

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Homework Guidelines

Please abide by the following guidelines when turning in assignments for this course. This will both make grading efficient and help you get the maximum benefit from the work you do.
  1. Unless otherwise stated, assignments are due at 5pm. After that time they may be collected by the grader and graded. Any work that has not been handed in by the time a problem set is collected by the grader is late. No late work will be accepted. (I will drop your lowest 3 assignments at the end of the semester to allow for occassional forgetfulness, sickness, business, etc.)

  2. Problems to be handed in should be worked neatly, showing all of your work and explaining your reasoning. The work should be organized in paragraph manner (work left to right and top to bottom, not haphazardly all over the page; use English sentences to explain what you are doing, etc.).

    Give as much attention to presenting your solutions in a coherent manner (using mathematical symbols as part of your sentence structure) as you give to actually solving the problem, since

  3. In the upper right corner of each page, clearly label your work by indicating your name, the course number and the assignment. Each problem should be clearly labeled as well. Leave a little space between problems.

  4. Do not put work from more than one problem set on the same sheet of paper.

  5. Before turning in a problem set, put all pages in order and fold the assignment vertically (long and skinny). Fold it in such a way that with the fold on the left side your name (from the upper right corner of the first page) is showing.

  6. If you use spiral bound paper, please remove the fringe along the edge of the paper. (It catches on other papers and makes it difficult to put the stack together neatly.)

  7. Please staple multiple page homeworks in the upper left corner.
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