Math 156
Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
Fall 2001

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Web Overheads

This is where you can find web resources used or mentioned in class.

Date Resource
11/29 Euler and Hamilton Paths
11/26 ACM Programming Constest. (2001 regional problems)
11/26 Dijkstra's Algorithm
11/20 Graphs in general Warshall's Algorithm
  • Some notes (from U of Rochester). Includes C-like code.
Floyd-Warshall All Pairs Shortest Paths
  • Some notes on all pairs shortest paths (from U of Rochester). Includes C-like code, comparison with Dijkstra's Algorithm.
  • Java Demo from the Algorithms Tutoring Web Page (Greece)
  • This Java Demo lets you put in your own graph, but it is not as well designed otherwise.
  • This all-pairs shortest paths page (from Brunel U.) describes the algorithm, and includes a Java demo. The Java demo lets you enter edge lengths for in a 5 x 5 matrix (for graphs with 5 vertices) and shows the shortest paths, but has some annoying features. This applet doesn't really let you see how the algorithm works, only the results.
11/15 Oracle of Kevin Bacon from the CS Department at the University of Virginia
11/05 Michigan Lottery
  • Michigan Daily 3 Winnings Table: [bitmap] [GIF] [JPG]
  • Michigan Daily 3 Ways to Play: [GIF] [JPG]
  • Michigan Daily 4 Winnings Table: [GIF] [JPG]
10/19 an FAQ abotu PGP, RSA, etc. for those who want to learn more about RSA in application settings.
10/16 & 10/18 RSA
10/15 Another Euclid's Algorithm page. This one enables computing of inverses.
10/12 Modular Arithmetic Page at
10/05 & 10/08 Notes on Solving Recurrences
10/04 Recursion and Recurrences
9/25 Euclid's Algortihm
9/13 Prolog stuff (from 1999, includes "Is she a witch?" example)
script of Monty Python scene
9/13 12 Example Relations: [Set Notation] [Matrix Notation] [Properties]
9/06 All binary logical operators

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