Test 1 Summary


There were 95 points on this test, but you should probably think of it as 92 points plus 3 bonus points. The 3 bonus points:

  • 1 point for selecting your sample from non-breaksfast eaters in problem 5 to avoid possible ethical issues of having students who normally eat breakfast stop eating breakfast for your study. It also makes your subjects more similar to each other, which might reduce variablility, also a good thing in most cases.

  • 2 points for (correctly) using a paired design in problem 8d. We certainly covered paired designs, so this isn’t as much of a stretch, but most of you opted for a 2 independent samples design (or some mixture of paired and 2-sample).

The point breakdown per page was

page points
1 16
2 22
3 18
4 15
5 24


The plot below shows the distribution of scores colored by approximate letter grade (A, B, C, etc.).

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-3