Math 145
Fall 2014

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Please work neatly. You can help me out if you do the following things: You can help yourself out (and improve your grades) if you:


The primary purpose of the homework is to help you reinforce concepts and practice techniques. It is to make sure you are understanding the material covered in class, to help you generate questions when you don't, and to provide me with feedback about how you are doing (as individuals and as a class).

Problems will typically be graded out of a small number of points (like 3). In this case, 3 indicates an essentially correct solution, 2 indicates a good attempt with some oversight or technical flaw, 1 indicates an attempt with more serious errors.
Homework will be due roughly twice per week. I will not accept late homework, but I will drop your two lowest problem sets before calculating your problem set grade.

Collaboration and Plagiarism

Collaboration can help you learn; it can make studying more efficient and more enjoyable. Plagiarism, on the other hand is a serious violation of academic honesty. In practice this means that you are free to discuss homework problems with one another as much as you like. In fact, I encourage you to do so. But for any work you submit, you must take the ideas from these discussions and write them up yourself. Copying answers from any source is strictly prohibited.

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