Math 145
Fall 2014

Hypotheses to test

  1. On our class survey, for the question about the epidemic, does the version of the question influence the preferred plan of action?
  2. Can people tap their fingers faster if they have had caffeine?
  3. Does turning up the music in a bar cause people to drink more beer?
  4. Is lithium better than placebo at preventing relapse among cocaine addicts?
  5. Are mosquitoes more attracted to someone drinking beer?
  6. Is normal body temperature really 98.6 degrees F?
  7. Are women more likely than men to wash their hands when using a public restroom?
  8. Are city dwellers more likely than country dwellers to have mood and anxiety disorders?
  9. Does the color red increase the attractiveness of women to men?
  10. Does giving lots of high fives to teammates help sports teams win?
  11. Which is better for peak performance: a short mild warm-up or a long intense warm-up?
  12. Among equally qualified workers, are males more likely to be promoted than females?
  13. Does smiling have an effect on punishment assigned following an infraction?

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