For part of the course evaluation form you will be asked to provide feedback about the following learning objectives and course practices.

Learning Outcomes

Below are some of the student learning outcomes for this course.

  1. Create and interpret numerical and graphcal summaries of data

  2. Understand the principles that allow us to draw conclusions about a population from information collected from a sample (e.g., p-values, confidence intervals)

  3. Create randomization and boostrap distributions and use them to make inferences.

  4. Correctly select, use, and interpret several common statistical inference methods (1-proportion, 2-proportion, 1-sample t, 2-sample t, etc.)

  5. Make basic probability calculations involving the four little words: “and”, “or”, “if”, “not”

Course Practices

How did each of these contribute to your learning in this class?

  1. Class time (lectures, activities, etc.)

  2. Homework

  3. Course notes and study guides (posted on course web site)

  4. Reading the Textbook

  5. Asking questions (in class or outside of class)