Math 143 F
Probability and Statistics
Spring 2000

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Course Description

This course is a general introduction to the field of statistics. Much of what we will do can be placed in one of the following four categories:
Randall Pruim
office: North Hall 284
phone: (616) 957-7113

Time & Location
Tuesday, Thursday 6:00 - 8:00 pm, in North Hall 295

Office hours
By appointment.

My schedule this semester varies from week to week, but if you send me an email or catch me after class, we can probably arrange a time to meet fairly easily.

In addition to my office hours, there is also a statistics help session every Monday and Wednesday from 4-5:30 pm in NH 295. This program is run through the Student Academic Services office.

Internet Resources

I will maintain an email list of all students registered in this class and will occasionally use it to distribute information and reminders of various things pertaining to this course. If you do not know how to access your email, please talk to someone at the IT help desk. If you prefer to read your email from an account other than your calvin student account, send me email with the email address you prefer. You can also send email to the class list or particular students in the class via BlackBoard.

Please check your email daily. You are responsible for any information communicated via email.

Web Pages
In addition to this home page, I will also maintain a list of web resources pertaining to this course. You are responsible for any information appearing on the course web pages. Items I have prepared and maintain online include

BlackBoard CourseInfo
I am also making partial use of Calvin's BlackBoard CourseInfo. instructional resources. You can go to BlackBoard to check your grades, send email to individuals or groups in the class, and to read all the other information (like this page) that I have on line. For more information on how to use CourseInfo, see the online tutorial.

Other Important Information

See me
If you are having difficulty with any portion of the course, do not hesitate to see me. Do this as soon as possible, certainly well in advance of any deadlines (like tests) so that we can work to fix the problem.

Required Textbook
Introduction to the Practice of Statistics, Third Edition by D.S. Moore and G.P. McCabe.

Additional readings may also be assigned.

Grading will be based on the following approximate weighting:

        10%    Homework 
        10%    Quizzes and Labs
	25%    Test 1
        25%    Test 2
        30%    Final Exam

Tests are currently scheduled for the following dates:

Quizzes. In-class quizzes may be given at any time. Often I will let you know in advance when they will be, but not always.

Quizzes cannot not be made up for those who miss them, but I will drop your lowest quiz or two at the end of the semester.

Homework. You will not be able to master the material in this course without practice. I will make assignments every day. Some portions of these assignments will be collected and others will not. Please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Problems to be handed in should be worked neatly, showing all of your work and explaining your reasoning. The work should be organized in paragraph manner (work left to right and top to bottom; use English sentences to explain what you are doing, etc.).
  2. Any work that is illegible or disorganized will not be graded.
  3. Label each page with your name and the assignment. Each problem should be clearly labeled as well. Leave a little space between problems.
  4. Each problem set should be on a separate sheet of paper. If you use more than one sheet of paper, these sheets must be stapled in the upper left corner. If you use spiral bound paper, please remove the fringe along the edge of the paper.

No late work will be accepted. I will drop your lowest 1 or 2 quizzes and your lowest 3 homework scores. This is intended to allow for the occasional absence, sickness, etc.

Joint Work
You may find it pleasant and useful to work together on many portions of this course. I encourage you to do so. BUT you must abide by the following guidelines:

Attendance is required. If you miss class, you are missing an important part of this course. In class we will be doing activities that reinforce the statistical ideas covered in the textbook, viewing videos, discussing readings, answering questions. These are difficult things to replace in any other way.

We will often have a quiz or other activity that will also serve as an attendance check. Quizzes cannot be made up for students who miss class.

Preparing for class
You should bring with you each day: Of course, you should have read (and thought about) any assigned readings prior to coming to class. You may want to have your notes handy, especially if you have questions regarding the readings or homework.

Special Circumstances
Occasionally there are special circumstances that require that the rules and guidelines above be adjusted for a particular student. In such cases, it is the responsibility of the student to inform me of the situation as soon as possible, so that the appropriate arrangements can be made. This includes, but is not limited to, students with documented disabilities.

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