Math W50
How Do They Know My Opinion?
Interim 2000

Problems and Exercises

All Problems are from the book Seeing Through Statistics by Jessica Utts unless otherwise marked.

Notation: 	n	manditory problem

		(n)	helper problem

		{n} 	thought problem 

		[n]	ungraded problem

Bracketed problems do not have to be turned in.

Chap	Prob	Description/Notes
====	====	=================

Homework 8 

21 	14	is population proportion .25 or greater?
	17	what p-value should you use?
	18	type 1 and type 2 errors in physicians health study
22	1,2	majority of catholics?
	3	one-sided vs. two-sided
	9	interpretting a news report
	10	interpretting a beta test
	15	ESP and image format
	16	smoking and pregnancy
	17	drinking and driving

Project Outline:
	Include answers to the following questions:

	0) Who will be in your group?
	1) What question are you trying to answer
	2) What is the population?
	3) What data will you collect?  Think about measurement issues here
	4) How will you sample?  What is the sampling frame?
	5) How large will the sample be?
		Use some fake data to see how large a sample might
		be needed to get the results you would like.  Be ambitious
		but reasonable.

	You can send this to me by email or give me a hard copy in class

Homework 9 23 1 Claritin Ad 2a 1-sided vs 2-sided 3 AIDS vaccine testing 4ab drinking and driving 5 drug against shopping impulses? 7 "no difference" and sample size 10 lack of significance in ESP tests 11 aspirin and strokes 12 lots of tests on same data [15-17] big picture

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