Math W50
How Do They Know My Opinion?
Interim 2000

Problems and Exercises

All Problems are from the book Seeing Through Statistics by Jessica Utts unless otherwise marked.

Notation: 	n	manditory problem

		(n)	helper problem

		{n} 	thought problem 

		[n]	ungraded problem

Bracketed problems do not have to be turned in.

Chap	Prob	Description/Notes
====	====	=================

Homework 6:

16	2	"You might expect to pay..."
	{5}	detailed stories
	{6}	telephone solictitation "up to $300"
	9	which is more likely
	10	insurance sales persons
	{12}	airline vs auto deaths and reporting them

17	1	chances of baby gender
	{2}	when gambler fallacy doesn't apply	
	4	separated twins and their similarities
	{5}	preminitions?
	[7]	accuracy of AIDS testing
	8	expected value for individuals, businesses
	10	test results
	11	dice games
	12	cancer testing
	17	gambler's fallacy?
18	1	Why rule for sample proportions applies
	2	Draw a picture of sampling distribution
	14	Does Rule for Sample Proportions apply?
	16	Did you vote?  Did you lie?

Homework 7: 18 9 Is sample large enough? 19 1 seldane-D 3 should Clinton be impeached and removed from office? 6 effects on confidence interval 7 1-900 survey 9 find results of a poll 10 largest standard deviation 12 what is the margin of error in this survey of Catholics? 13,14 world coming to end? 21 6 null and alternative hypotheses 7 types of error {8} type 2 error rate 9,10 testing ESP 15 false positives and negatives

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