Math W50
How Do They Know My Opinion?
Interim 2000

Problems and Exercises

All Problems are from the book Seeing Through Statistics by Jessica Utts unless otherwise marked.

Notation: 	n	manditory problem

		(n)	helper problem

		{n} 	thought problem 

		[n]	ungraded problem

Bracketed problems do not have to be turned in.

Chap	Prob	Description/Notes
====	====	=================

Homework 5:

15	2	probability rules
	5	probability = 1/2
	10	probability of interesting mail [hint: what about 12 days?]
	11	AAA and AARP
	12	Linda 
	14 	how do we get the probability?
	17	independence
	20	getting hit by lightning
	21	expected travel time
	23	California Keno
From handout:
	4.64	mean, median, mode
	4.65	mean and st. dev. from graph
	4.73	what is the better score?  (ACT vs SAT)
	4.75	three great hitters

	compute chi-squared from the following table:

			Men	Women
		Yes	50	70
		No	80	60

	optional: make up a small data set and comput st. deviation
other problems on the handouts may be useful for extra practice or review



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