Math W50
How Do They Know My Opinion?
Interim 2000

Problems and Exercises

All Problems are from the book Seeing Through Statistics by Jessica Utts unless otherwise marked.

Notation: 	n	manditory problem

			Do it and write up a nice solution to be graded.

		(n)	helper problem

			These are problems that you do not need to turn in,
			but may be helpful with other problems. It may be 
			similar to another problem and have a solution in
			the book, to it may be an easier problem of the same
			general type, etc.
			You might want to look these over as you come to them,
			but if you are convinced that you could do the problem,
			just move on to the next one.  The material from
			these problems will be covered in other problems.

		{n} 	thought propblem 

			These problems raise interesting issues to think about
			and we may discuss some of these in class as well.
			You should spend some time thinking about them, but
			you are not required to turn in a response.  You 
			might like to jot down a few notes, however, in case
			we discuss the issue in class.  You should be prepared
			to express a thoughtful  opinion.

		[n]	ungraded problem

			This might be extra practice (good review for tests)
			or simply a problem that you should know how to do
			but which you do not have to write up for grading.
			You are responsible for the material in these problems,
			and the material may or may not be covered in other

Bracketed problems do not have to be turned in.

Chap	Prob	Description/Notes
====	====	=================

Homework 1:

1	14	where could you use statistics?
	17	does meditation reduce blood preasure?

2	5	identify variables
	(6)	why follow scripts?
	7	data = numbers?
	8	design of heartbeat study
	{9,11}	when should disclosure occur?
	10	nocotine patches (which version is more compelling?)
	16	NordicTrack and weight loss

	MP 1or3 7 critical components in a news or journal report
			[bring an unmarked copy of article to class]

3	(1-3)	examples of survey questions
	4,5	bad survey questions
	6	categorical or measurement
	7	discrete or continuous
	8,10	valid, reliable
	(13,15) biasing questions
	16	anonymous, confidential
	(20)	discrete, continuous
	21	valid, reliable

	Administer survey 1 to 2-4 people

	Administer survey 2 to 5-10 people (using randomness as described in

	Keep the data you collect separate from your other homework and 
	be prepared to report on it in class.

Homework 2: 3 MP 2 design a biased question and test it out [be prepared to report in class] 4 1 types of sampling plans 7 identify population and sample 9 survey or experiment? {11} quota sampling 12,13 volunteer sample, volunteer response 17 type of study 20 survey of food magazine readers 21-22 suveys based on college directory {23} why conduct a national census? 5 2 blindness and blocking 3 explanatory and response variable 5 do birds remember color? {6} cell phones and cancer 7 confounding or interacting? 8-10 problems with studies (12) money spent on clothes by sex 13 role of variables {17} study vs experiment {19} components of experiments and why used (22),23 difficulties and disasters MP 3or4 find article about study or experiment

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