Introduction to Computer Science II with Intensive C
Fall 1997


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Home page from Fall 1996
This has some information, too. Most of it is repeated here if it is of interest. But you might want to look at the student solutions to get an idea of what some nice code looks like.

Programming assignments:
| HW0 | HW1 | HW2 | HW3 | HW4 | HW5 | HW6 | HW7 | HW8 |
Student solutions:
| HW1 ( David Blumstein, Carolyn Zhang) | HW2 (Scott Gilroy, Matheen Siddiqui) | HW3 ( David Blumstein, Carolyn Zhang, Raymond Han) | HW4 (Qia Zhang, Matheen Siddiqui) | HW6 (Prabhjot Singh, Matheen Siddiqui) |
| Compiling (Make & gccx) | Compiler Errors | HW2 | HW3 | HW4 | HW6 | HW7 |
| Final exam review materials | Midterm review materials |
Lecture Materials:
| The Oracle of Kevin Bacon at Virginia | bst.h | bst.c | Lecture Topics since midterm | Lecture Topics prior to midterm | C language originally a prank :-) | kat.c (an example of file i/o) | Memory and Arrays example | Quiz 0 |
Source Code from Roberts' texts:
| Programming Abstractions in C | The Art and Science of C |
Code used in lectures:
| calendar.c | hello.c | evencount.c |
Section Information:
| Discussion Section Home Page |
Course Policy/Info:
| Course Syllabus | Grading Guidelines | Collaboration and Academic Honesty | Coding Convention | Use of Personal Computers |
Useful Tutorial Information:
| BU tutorials available through IT | a list of sites with info on Unix, emacs, and the Internet | Section Unix References |

Other information from Addison-Wesley (probably not needed):
| Roberts CS1 book and libraries |

Other Information

Randall Pruim
Room MCS-283, phone (617) 353-8926
E-mail: rpruim@cs.bu.edu

Office hours: TBA

Teaching Assistant:
Rob Pitts
Room MCS-223, phone 353-3381.
E-mail: rip@cs.bu.edu

Office hours: see the Discussion Section Home Page

Mid-term: Thursday, October 23, in class (date subject to confirmation)
Final exam: Thursday afternoon, December 18, 12:30 -- 2:30 pm

Course Description:
Designed for students who program proficiently in Pascal, BASIC, Fortran, or some other high-level programming language. Begins with an intensive introduction to the C programming language and then covers all the material in CS 112.

Work Load:
Heavy, fast. This is an intensive course that covers the topics of CS 111 and CS 112 in one semester. You should arrange your schedule so that you have sufficient time to devote to this course.

Required Textbooks:
Programming Abstractions in C by Eric Roberts

Optional Reference Texts:
Since the required text does not attempt to be a comprehensive reference on the C programming language, you may wish to consider one of the following reference books. The first is a classic reference but is quite terse. The second is similar in scope, but includes more prose. The third one is a smaller book which has quick reference on most of the important C constructs and on the standard library functions; it is less comprehensive.

If you want a more gentle (and more verbose) introduction to C which is also compatible with the text we are using, try to get a copy of

Tue, Thu: 11:00 -12:30 in MCS-149

A2: Tuesdays, 5:00-6:00 pm
A3: Wednesdays, 9:00-10:00 am

For more information on the sections, including meeting locations, consult the section web pages. Programming exercises will be completed during lab section that will contribute towards your final grade.

Grading will be based on the following approximate weighting:

55% Programming assignments and labs
15% Mid-term
30% Final (comprehensive)

There will be no incompletes in this course.


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