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This page exists primarily to serve as a collection of sites and information which are or were (or might have been) useful to those participating in STATS 99. But if you have similar interests, you may find this page useful too.

Home pages of STATS summer workshops

STATS 1999 Information

STATS People 1999

Links Related to the Workshop

| Pass the Pigs, official game of the STATS workshop (direct to play) | Don't have Pigs? Try A Game with 6 Dice (has similarities with Pass the Pigs) |
Background Info on Data Sets and the like
| Old Faithful | Cancer Pamphlets |
Sites with data sets
| Robin Lock's WWW stats resources | Journal of Statistics Education |

Links Subsequently Provided by Workshop Participants
| Home Page (with many interesting links to data sets, organizations, info about software, and more) | Search Statistics Newsgroups |
Web Pages that Perform Statistical Calculations!
This pages indexes over 300 links to web pages perform various statistical calculations or simulations (using HTML forms, JavaScript or Java applets). Includes a list of Free statistical software you can download for work offline.



Coming Soon! Digital images from the STATS 99 workshop.

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