Reforming Hollywood

Reforming Hollywood tells the surprising story of how Protestants led the fight for artistic freedom and helped shape the movie industry.

Reforming Hollywood:
How American Protestants Fought for Freedom at the Movies
Oxford University Press, 2012, 336pages, hardcover
ISBN-10: 0195387848
ISBN-13: 978-0195387841

Eyes Wide Open

This revised and expanded edition of Eyes Wide Open, already a standard on the topic, widens and deepens the discourse on the popular entertainment arts. Readers will find in William Romanowski's imaginative and down-to-earth approach to popular art as art a manifesto of Christian involvement and a matrix assessment of the sights and sounds that inescapably shape our everyday life.

Scott Young, founder, City of Angels Film Festival

Eyes Wide Open:
Looking for God in Popular Culture, rev. and exp. ed.
2002 ECPA Gold Medallion Award Winner,
Christianity and Society (1st Edition)
Brazos Press, 2001, 256pages, paper
ISBN 1-5874-3201-3

Pop Culture Wars

Painting in masterful strokes, Romanowski creates a stunning
portrait of the interplay of religion and popular culture.

Publisher’s Weekly Religion Bookline

Pop Culture Wars:
Religion and the Role of Entertainment
in American Life

InterVarsity Press, 1996, 382 pages, paper
ISBN 0-8308-1988-6

Dancing in the Dark

Believers of every faith will find Dancing in the Dark a source of revelation and provocation as they try to make sense of contemporary American culture.

Bill Moyers

Dancing in the Dark:
Youth, Popular Culture and the
Electronic Media

Eerdmans, 1991, 347 pages, paper
ISBN 0-8028-0530-2

Risky Business

A landmark study.

Journal of Popular Culture

Risky Business: Rock in Film

Transaction, 1991, 768 pages, hardcover
ISBN 0-88738-843-4