Ryan M. Bebej, Ph.D.

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Excavating a skeleton of Basilosaurus isis in Egypt, December 2009

Web Articles

  •       My journey from opposing evolution to studying it, by Ryan Bebej, An Evangelical Dialogue on Evolution, published October 2009
  •       A day in the life of an EEB grad, by Ryan Bebej, University of Michigan Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, published August 2009
  •       Inia geoffrensis, by Ryan Bebej, University of Michigan Museum of Zoology, Animal Diversity Web, published April 2006
  • Online Press

  •       A whale of a tale (PDF), by Phil de Haan, The Calvin Spark, published Fall 2013
  •       Interview clips from Looking for the Missing Link Between Faith and Reason, by Leo Hagedorn, published 2012-2013
  •       In the belly of the whale, by Leo Hagedorn, Looking for the Missing Link Between Faith and Reason, published November 16, 2012
  •       Faculty spotlights: Welcome to Ryan Bebej, Ph.D., by Kelly Peterson, Calvin College Biology Department, published April 2012
  •       Running with Arenahippus, by Brian Switek, Wired, published October 2010
  •       Valley of the Whales, by Tom Mueller, National Geographic, published August 2010
  •       Evangelicals and evolution from a student POV, Science and Religion Today, published October 2009
  •       Finding harmony, BioLogos Foundation, published October 2009
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  • Ryan M Bebej, PhD
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