Projects for Precalculus

by Janet Andersen, Robert Keeley and Todd Swanson

Saunders College Publishers

Instructor's Edition ISBN 0-03-024966-X

Student Edition ISBN 0-03-020444-5

Projects for Precalculus is a set of supplementary projects. These projects were designed to be used at both the high school and college level. Two versions of Projects for Precalculus are available from Saunders College Publishing. One version contains 26 projects, complete with solutions and teacher's notes. The other version contains 13 projects without solutions.

 The materials cover a wide range of topics that are typical to many precalculus courses. These projects are designed to help teach new topics or can be used for longer explorations into topics already covered in classes. We have designed the projects to help students as they prepare for some of the new emphases currently being used in calculus.

Projects for Precalculus was an award winner in the 1996-97 Innovative Programs Using Technology (INPUT) Awards Competition.

The following information is available:

The authors of Projects for Precalculus have written a text, Precalculus, A Study of Functions and Their Applications published Fall 2000 by Harcourt College Publishers (now part of Thompson Learning). To read more about it go here.

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This book was written with support from the National Science Foundation (Grant DUE-9354741)