Week #5

Using Multicultural Literature with Science

Web Sites:

Suggested site:

Pourquoi Tales: Fourth Grade Student Tales
Indian Lifestyle

Bats4kids-If They Fly, Why Aren't They Birds?

Other resources:

Joseph Bruchac
Joseph Bruchac's Biography
Pourquoi Tale: Legends that Explain Why

Skills: Listening to oral reading the The Great Ball Game
Understanding what a Pourquoi tale is
Understanding the roots of the tale - geographic and cultural
Using the Internet to learn about an author - Calvin students only, unless lesson plans are changed.
Scanning and choosing the best category for the information needed
Entering information into a template
Overview: Read The Great Ball Game to your students (one adult reader)
Talk about the setting, the author, and the pouquoi tale with your students.
Talk about the factual information included in this piece of fiction
Using the Internet:

1. Go to the Indian Lifestyle (Abenaki Indians) web site with your student partner.
2. Work through the template/worksheet - "Connect the Internet with The Great Ball Game." (Questions 1 and 2). Enter the information in the appropriate text boxes. You will have your web page and graphic organizer open at the same time. If this is too difficulty you may want to print the graphic organizer, have the student handwrite the answers and then post to the Show it Off discussion board.
3. Go to the Bats4kids web site with your student partner.
4. Click on Read through the differences between bats and birds. Fill in the graphic organizer with three facts for birds (under "feathers") and three facts for bats (under "fur".) You will have your web page and graphic organizer open at the same time.
5. If there is extra time find the link "Games" on the home page of Bats4kids. Click on the middle box (3rd row/2nd box) called "Find the Bat Homes." Play the game with your student partner. (Note: #2 in the instructions does not "deliver.")

You must post this to the "Show it off" discussion board by the next time you meet with your buddy.