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Welcome to the CD-ROM version of the tutorial on power systems harmonics modeling and simulation.  Here, you will find latest and proven methods for harmonic modeling and simulation. Procedures from both theoretical and practical aspects are summarized. The technical content of this tutorial is entirely based on the original IEEE PES Special Publication of "Tutorial on Harmonics Modeling and Simulation", 98TP125-0. The features of the CD-ROM version are as follows:

Paulo F. Ribeiro, Leading Editor

Reorganized tutorial content *
Both written and verbal introduction of each chapter
Forward and backward links to each section of chapters
Separate view of each section
Information on authors
Extended bibliography  
Presentations of each chapter of the tutorial with audio
"Self test" Problems
Example test systems for harmonic modeling and simulation 
Free software to simulate power system harmonics
Useful links to power engineering related WEB sites

In order to view all the contents of the CD-ROM, a user needs to have the following softwares installed in his/her computer.

Real Networks Real Player G2 Plug-in (needed to hear the presentation voice)
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Microsoft™ Word
Microsoft™ Excel

All the system requirements have to be met to best view the material.

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Contents of Chapters

Foreword       Acknowledgment       Appendix       Bibliography      

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* The original tutorial on Harmonics Modeling and Simulation contains eleven chapters. The CD-ROM version is an updated and revised version of the tutorial, which has been slightly shortened for technical consistency. The available chapters can be viewed in the section of Contents of Chapters.

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Foreword Contents of Chapters Biographies Bibliography Acknowledgement Appendix Index of Topics Links