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Paulo F. Ribeiro, Leading Editor

The CD-ROM version of the tutorial on Harmonics Modeling and Simulation is divided into ten chapters. Each chapter is briefly introduced in the opening page which contains links to the TEXT VERSION, PRESENTATION VIEW and SELF TEST sections. The technical content of the chapters in TEXT VERSION are entirely based on the original IEEE PES Special Publication of "Tutorial on Harmonics Modeling and Simulation", 98TP125-0. The PRESENTATION VIEW section of each chapter presents the particular chapter with Real Audio. This section is developed by summarizing and revising the live tutorial session held in the 1998 IEEE PES Summer Meeting. Self Test Questions are provided by the authors of the chapters to have the user test his/her knowledge on Harmonics Modeling and Simulation. Click on the chapter title below to advance to the opening page of each chapter of the tutorial.

Chapter 1: An Overview of Harmonics Modeling and Simulation

Chapter 2: Harmonics Theory

Chapter 3: Modeling of Harmonic Sources- Power Electronic Converters

Chapter 4: Modeling of Harmonic Sources- Magnetic Core Saturation

Chapter 5: Harmonic Modeling of Networks

Chapter 6: Frequency- Domain Harmonic Analysis Methods

Chapter 7: Time- Domain Methods for the Calculation of Harmonic Propagation and Distortion

Chapter 8: Analysis of Unbalanced Harmonic Propagation in Multiphase Power Systems

Chapter 9: Harmonic Limit Compliance Evaluations Using IEEE 519-1992

Chapter 10: Test Systems for Harmonics Modeling and Simulation


Foreword Contents of Chapters Biographies Bibliography Acknowledgement Appendix Index of Topics Links