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Professor of Art Emeritus, Calvin College

I was born in Capelle aan de IJssel, trained as a metal worker and diesel mechanic, working on ocean liners in the harbor of Rotterdam until I departed for the USA in 1957.   In Grand Rapids, I completed the Visual Arts program at Kendall School of Design and later attended the University of Michigan and received a BSD in 1964 and MFA degree in 1966.   I married Greta Duifhuis in 1962 and we have four children and eight grandchildren.   I became a US citizen in 1966, which is also the year I began teaching at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

At Calvin I taught painting, printmaking, graphics, photography, drawing and the history of Dutch art.   I served as Chairman of the Art Department, Director of Exhibitions, Curator, Director of Connections: A Baroque Festival Year , Director of the Multicultural Year , Director of Alarabara World Arts Series , and as Artist in Residence.

As an artist I have been active as a graphic designer, painter, printmaker and as a worship environmentalist.   In 1962, I received my first award and since then I have received over 30 awards, as well as participated in over 100 group, juried and invitational exhibitions throughout the Midwest.   I have presented over 50 solo exhibitions in the USA, Canada and The Netherlands. In 2003 Eerdmans Publishing produced Passing The Colors, a book in which I recall my journey as an immigrant, as a Christian and as an artist.   In 2004 the Grand Rapids Art Museum installed a retrospective exhibit: Chris Stoffel Overvoorde, A Life in Art.   My works are present in many public and private collections including the Grand Rapids Art Museum and the Muskegon Museum of Art.   I am currently represented by ByrnBoehm Gallery (959 Lake Dr., Grand Rapids, MI 49506), Eyekons Gallery (210 Fulton SE Grand Rapids, MI 49503) and The Willock & Sax Gallery in Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, Canada.

Chris Stoffel
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