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Calvin College received a grant from the National Science Foundation for an optics initiative, which has provided students with marketable technical training in the optical sciences and has introduced an optics concentration and an optics minor into the physics curriculum. The optics program offers career-oriented, hands-on training for students in physics and engineering, as well as pre-service teachers preparing to teach science in high school.


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Optics Minor Requirements

At least 21 hours including:
Physics 133 (4)
Physics 235 (4)
Physics 246 (4)
Physics 345 (4) or Engineering 302 (4)
Physics 346 (3)
Physics 386 (2)

Students pursuing a Physics Major and Optics Minor must follow college guidelines for overlap between a Major and minor; this is facilitated by the option in the Physics Major of substituting upper-level courses for introductory ones.

Four-Year Plan: Physics Major with Optics minor