2.3 Direction to Moon Tutorial

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Finally, we consider the direction to the Moon as viewed by the stick figure. The relevant directions are just the up, down, East, and West that were discussed in the time of day tutorial. Remember that as the Earth rotates, the horizon rotates with it along with our definition of direction.

As a check that you can find the Moon in a specified direction with respect to the stick figure, select a direction from the menu to the right of the diagram. An arrow will appear marking this direction. Also a box will appear around the Moon being pointed to, as well as its counterpart on the left border showing the appearance from Earth. Now rotate the Earth a few steps by clicking the buttons and select the same direction again. Do the arrow and boxes mark the same phase this time? Try a few more combinations of Earth orientation and Moon direction until you can successfully predict which phase of the Moon will get the box.

You have now seen all of the elements of the lunar phases diagram. Go on to the lunar phases tool and try the quiz.

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