3. Lunar Phases Tool and Quiz

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[If you are reading this message, then your web browser is not currently running Java. You either need to enable Java, or use a different browser in order to see the Lunar Phases Web Tool.]

Tool: This is the complete lunar phases diagram, with labels as described on the tutorial pages. As in the tutorial, you can click on the two buttons to rotate the Earth.

Quiz: The information given in the two inactive menus to the right of the diagram is sufficient to completely describe a particular situation. Rotate the Earth in the diagram to match this situation and figure what information should be put into the active menu. Once you are sure, select that item from the menu. If your selection is not correct, look at the diagram again and give it another try. If it is correct, push the "quiz me" button for another problem.

Once you can correctly answer three questions in a row, you have mastered the basic concept!

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