Since GreenTree does not have a web page of its own, I include here the description of the organization sponsoring our seminar series, Science and Spirituality: Is Harmony Possible?. The statement below is from their brochure.


... exploring life's ultimate questions

"GreenTree, a new organization growing in the Bi-Co community, is all about worldview conversations. We organize a variety of discussion groups, debates, seminars, lectures, and concerts.

"GreenTree exists to explore life's abiding worldview questions, the deep longings of the human heart, and the organic connection between worldview and everyday life. We trace the connectedness of things often considered disconnected: spirituality and academics; worship and work; religion and everyday life; underground worldview assumptions and their above-ground consequences; passionate debate and deep civility.

"GreenTree upholds both the beliefs of historic Christian spirituality and a practice of principled pluralism. Accordingly, some GreenTree events are from a Christian perspective, some are not. But we are not relativists. We are pluralists. For we are persuaded that one's own worldview convictions, combined with a respect for the convictions of others, is the very best soil for growing love and truth in individuals and the campus community. We also believe that this deep worldview pluralism is absolutely essential to the health and integrity of the educational mission of any college.

"Therefore, GreenTree is committed to the God- given dignity and worth of every individual; to keeping the practice of love and the pursuit of truth strongly united; to civil worldview discussions and debates; and to serving the common good of Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges.

"Please know that GreenTree events are not Christian Fellowship events. While GreenTree is a good neighbor with the Christian Fellowship, our focus is on public worldview discussion. GreenTree is deliberately not a space for the private practices of community worship quite appropriate to the Fellowship. Instead, in each GreenTree event the announced topic is simply the whole content. There is nothing more. Our aim is for all GreenTree events to be culturally comfortable to anyone on campus."

For more information about GreenTree, please contact
Kate Segwick, Haverford '99 (, 610-658-2376)
Zermatt Scutt, Bryn Mawr '99 (, 610-526-7768)
Mark Potter, GreenTree (, 610-642-2935)

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