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May 1997

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TEAMS Sessions at the Medieval Congress

TEAMS will sponsor the following sessions at the 32nd International Congress on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, May 8-11, 1997:

The Teaching of Medieval Liturgy

(Session 40 will be combined with Session 83 and will take place on Thursday at 1:30 p.m. in 1140 Schneider.)

Organizer and Presider: Thomas J. Heffernan, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

"Liturgical Drama and Community Discourse" (Thomas P. Campbell, Wabash College)

"Sacramental Liturgies in the Middle Ages" (Martin Dudley, St. Bartholomew's Church)

"Jews and Judaism in the Medieval Latin Liturgy" (Lawrence Frizzell, Seton Hall University)

"Liturgy in an Architectural Setting" (Elizabeth Parker, Fordham University)

"The Vessels Used in the Liturgy" (Elizabeth McLachlan, Rutgers University)

"The Office for St. Cecilia" (Sherry Reames, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Bridging the Gap: Experiences with Pre-Collegiate Outreach

Session 183: Friday, 1:30 p.m. in Room 313

Organizers: Marguerite Ragnow and Amy Carol Brown, University of Minnesota

Presider: Eric Hollas, Hill Monastic Manuscript Library

Roundtable discussion with Ronald Herzman, SUNY-Geneseo; Françoise Denis, Macalaster College; William Jordan, Princeton University; and Patricia C. Paugh, Bancroft School.

The Teaching of Medieval Texts to Working-Class and/or Minority Students

Session 226: Friday, 3:30 p.m. in Room 313

Organizer: Natalie Grinnell, SUNY-Buffalo

Presider: Joan G. Haahr, Yeshiva University

"Strategies for Providing Access to Medieval Studies to Working Class and Minority Students" (Michael A. Calabrese, California State University­p;Los Angeles)

"'Prymerole' or 'Piggesnye': Medieval Literature and Working Class College Students" (David Lampe, Buffalo State College)

"Reading Chaucer for Self-Improvement, or When the Middle Class Teaches the Working Class" (Kristin R. Hofer, Pennsylvania State University)

Respondent: Anne Clark Bartlett, DePaul University

The New Technology: What Do You Do After You Say, "Gee, Whiz?"

Session 242: Friday, 3:30 in 1010 Fetzer

Organizer and Presider: Kathryn M. Talarico, CUNY-College of Staten Island

Roundtable discussion with Paul J. Gans, New York University; Paul Halsall, Fordham University; Robert D. Peckham, University of Tennessee Martin; Carolyn Schriber, Rhodes College; and Susan Yager, Iowa State University.

Masterclass in Reading Chaucer Out Loud

5:00 p.m. Friday in Stinson Quiet Room

Organizer and Presider: Alan T. Gaylord, Dartmouth College

Alan Gaylord will work with a small number of experienced Chaucer-readers, concentrating on matters of expression, phrasing and intonation, and overall interpretation. Observers are very welcome and do not need to pre-register.

Fruits of NEH Summer Seminars for School Teachers

Session 270: Saturday, 10 a.m. in Room 313

Organizer and Presider: Ronald Herzman, SUNY Geneseo

"Time, Movement, and Energy in Paradiso" (Evelyne Marcks, Duchesne Academy)
"Mystique, Mystery and Magic: Teaching the Middle Ages" (J. P. Vogt, Stratford Academy)

"Spiritual Progress in the Earthly Paradise" (Eric Hall, Trinity Schools)

(How) Should We Teach Gawain in Translation?

Session 362: Saturday, 3:30 in Room 310

Organizer: Fiona Tolhurst, Alfred University

Presider: Judith Laird, Southwest Texas State University

"The Perils of Translation, or When is a Knygt a Gome?" (Cindy L. Vitto, Rowan College of New Jersey)

"Isn't the Meaning in the Footnotes?: Two Approaches to Studying Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" (Stuart Rutten, New Mexico State University)

"Save Document 'untitled' without changes OK?" (Ross Arthur, York University)

Respondent: Julian Wasserman, Loyola University

Biblical Commentary Series Underway

The TEAMS Commentary Series invites proposals for English translations of medieval biblical commentaries appropriate for classroom use. Three volumes of the series are already in print: Commentary on the Book of Jonah: Haimo of Auxerre, translated by Deborah Everhart; Medieval Exegesis in Translation: Commentaries on the Book of Ruth, translated by Lesley Smith;
and Nicholas of Lyra's Apocalypse Commentary, translated by Philip D. W. Krey. Each volume includes introductions and notes. Other volumes underway include a series of Kabbalistic commentaries on Genesis, Lamentations, and the Song of Songs, translated by Seth Brody, with an introduction by Arthur Green; and Haimo of Auxerre on the Song of Songs, translated by Burton Van Name Edwards.

The Commentary Series, like all TEAMS publications, is published in inexpensive editions suitable for use in undergraduate classrooms. We especially invite translations of commentaries on books of the New Testament and Jewish and Muslim commentaries on the Bible and the Qur'an.

The Advisory Board of the Commentary Series is: E. Ann Matter (University of Pennsylvania, General Editor), John C. Cavadini (University of Notre Dame), James J. O'Donnell (University of Pennsylvania), Thomas H. Seiler (Western Michigan University), Lesley J. Smith (Oxford University), and Grover A. Zinn (Oberlin College).

Inquiries and proposals may be sent to:

Ann Matter
Department of Religious Studies
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6303


Song of Roland

Shane L. Amaya, a student at the University of California, Santa Barbara, is working on a comic book adaptation of the Song of Roland. He writes, "It would be great if I could get feedback from other professors who are interested in getting their students more interested in medieval lit by teaching my comic." His email address is gfunk@

York Cycle '98

The Poculi Ludique Societas has a few spots left for groups interested in mounting a play for the 1998 staging of the complete York Cycle (June 21, 1998 at the University of Toronto). For more information, email or visit the PLS York Cycle web page at

Books from TEAMS

During the Congress, all titles will be on display and available for purchase at the Medieval Institute Publications display table in Valley II.

TEAMS publications may be ordered from

Medieval Institute Publications
Walwood Hall
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI 49008-3801

616) 387-8755; FAX (616) 387-8750

New Publications from TEAMS

Middle English Texts Series:
The Book of Margery Kempe, ed. Lynn Staley.

Amis and Amiloun, Robert of Cisyle, and Sir Amadace, ed. Edward E. Foster.

The Cloud of Unknowing, ed. Patrick J. Gallacher.
Documents of Practice Series:
A Slice of Life: Selected Documents of Medieval English Peasant Experience. Manorial records from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, edited, translated, and with an introduction by Edwin Brezette DeWindt.
Commentary Series:
Medieval Exegesis in Translation: Commentaries on the Book of Ruth. Translated with introduction and notes by Lesley Smith.

Nicholas of Lyra's Apocalypse Commentary. Translated with introduction and notes by Philip D. W. Krey.

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