Stories by Caitlin and Karen


Jack the Bunny

by Caitlin Saupe and Karen Saupe

Chapter 1

          Once upon a time, there was a little bunny named Jack. And Jack had a mom, a dad, and some bothers and sisters...and they all lived together at the edge of the Rosedale School playground.
        One day, Jack was feeling bored and decided to go exploring. So he hopped over to the slide. Then he started up the slide. Swoop! Down he went. But  he  tried agin. The same thing happend. Five times he tried and five times he failed. So Jack sat down to think about his problem. As he scratched his ear, he noticed that he wasn't alone. Over on the swings he saw an animal. It  had stripes, a  tail, and a strange-looking, tall red hat with a wide brim. "An animal wearing a HAT?" Jack asked himself. "What can this be?" So he hopped over to get a closer look.
        "Good afternoon, sir!" said the other creature. "I can't help noticing that you are having some trouble on the slide. May I give you some advice?"
        "Yes," said  Jack. So the creature gave him some advice, and this is the advice:
         "Forget about the slide. The jungle gym is a whole lot more fun for a bunny. See if you can hang by your ears."
        Jack wasn't sure he trusted this strange creature with the red hat. "My EARS? Ouch! I don't think so!" 
        But the creature said: Try it. It might not heart. So Jack went to the jungle gum, got on, and curled his ears around the top bar. It worked! But then he felt his ears stretching. Longer and longer they grew. And then boom! Down he fell with an ouch! Then Jack started to cry. Looking down at his long, long, sore ears, he suddenly realized why the strange creature was wearing a tall red hat: the hat was to cover up the scrach on his head that he got when he did the monkey bars!

Chapter 2

"Will you please take off your hat?" Jack asked the creature on the  playground. Off came the hat, and out tumbled two long, long, long ears. Then Jack knew that the strange creature was another bunny who had fallen off the jungle gym. "Why didn't you warn me?" frowned Jack.
      "Becase I didn't want to be the only one to do it and get hurt,"  said the ceature.
      "Well, that's not very nice, but I guess I understand," replied  Jack. He thought for a moment, then noticed something else about the strange bunny. "That explains your tall red hat. But I've never seen a rabbit with a long tail before. How did THAT happen?" 
       "It's not a very good story; I don't think you want to hear it," said the other bunny.
       "Does it have anything to do with the playground?" asked Jack.
       "Not exactly," said the other bunny. "You see, I was running around the merry-go-round. I bumped into it and my tail got stuk, so I pulled and pulled,and pretty soon I had pulled the merry-go-round clear out to the parking lot."
        "Did your tail get stretched when you pulled the merry-go-round along?" asked Jack. 
        "No," replied the long-tailed bunny. "But when the kids came out for recess and saw that the merry-go-round was gone, they were sad so they looked for it. "And then they got closer to me," said the bunny. "I was afraid of them, because I'm not used to being around people. But these
 kids were nice. They offered to help me."
        "What happened then?" Asked Jack.
        "They helped me get my tail off," said the bunny. 
        "Did they just pull until it came loose?" Jack wondered. "Is that what stretched your tail?"
        "No. They were very clever. They looked closely at the merry-go-round, and a second grader saw that my tail was hooked on a loose screw. So she unhooked it. But once I was free, everyone was so happy that they wanted to clebrate. And so we had a party at the scool," said the bunny. THAT's when my tail got stretched."
        "But HOW?"  Just then the bell rang. Jack said good bye. Then he raced back home,
 and he was just in time for supper.

The End

Frosty the Big Boy

by Caitlin and Karen

Once upon a time, there was a snowman. And his name was frosty the big boy. There was one very special thing Frosty knew how to do. He new how to came alive! But this was a big secret. No one knew it except Frosty and his girlfriend. She was alive too. One night, just before Christmas, there was a big snowstorm. Frosty big boy was scard that Santa wouldn't come! But what could he do to help? Frosty thought and thought. Then he got his girlfrend and thay were off to the North Pole. Frosty and his girlfriend didn't mind the snow, because they were snowmen. So they traveled right through the storm.
     UH Oh! What was that up ahead? It was 

furry and very tall. Frosty stopped to look, but he couldn't see very well in the snow. Then he heard a noise. It was like this: ho ho ho! frosty laahped. "Hey, Santa! It's YOU!" he said. 
     "Well, of course! Who else would be out on a night like this?" answered Santa. "But what are you doing here?" "I thot you couldn't come because of this bad bisrd [blizzard]."
     "Ho, ho, ho!" Santa answered. "I think you deserve an extra present this year! What would you like?" 
     "Well, I relly want a real snowdog."
     "I'll give you a snowdog AND some snow dog food too," promised Santa. "Yea Santa, that will be even batter!" So they went back home And had a Merry Chistmas!

The End

©1999 Karen Saupe and Caitlin Saupe