Your Classmates

This material was supplied by students in 1998.

Rachel Baljeu

I got back from class and decided to take a minute and tell you about myself. First of all, I come from Windsor Castle (actually Windsor Ontario), and this is my second year here. I have not picked a major yet, but I have been taking a few physics courses, and plan on taking a few courses in engineering and computer science. I like to participate in battles on ice with sticks and pucks, and also on boards with 64 squares where I control the moves of knights and kings and queens. The reason I took this class is that I've been interested in Arthurian legend and thought it would be neat to find out some truth behind it. That's about all I have to say about myself.

Lady Paladir
(a.k.a Rachel Baljeu)

Katie Bosscher

Hi. As suggested, I am introducing myself by e-mail. My name is Katie Bosscher and I'm a sophomore. Please don't go looking up my bod book picture because I hate it (I can already hear those pages turning as I write -- stop laughing).

I'm looking forward to this class for 2 reasons. First of all, this is the first interim class I got to choose by myself (last year I had to take Spanish 122 -- not a pleasant experience). Secondly, I love literature but haven't really had a chance to read a whole lot. I especially love the King Arthur story even though I haven't really read a whole lot about it. Actually, I think I love the whole Medieval era -- the idea of living in a castle and riding a horse just really gets me.

Despite this wordy introduction, I am pretty shy and don't talk much unless I feel VERY comfortable (a computer screen can be much less intimidating than a face). But, I hope to get to know you guys better and I am looking forward to this class a lot.

Rhonda Boynton

I didn't mean to be so tardy in my introduction, but I'm not an avid e-mailer, and when I finally did look into it I found I had to wade through miles and miles of repetitiveness. Anyway... my name is Rhonda Boynton, I'm a Senior English major, and I've traveled many miles to visit this strange land of Michigan in search of an education. I'm from Barrow, Alaska... and yes it's very cold and no we don't live in igloos. I love to read and searching for great literature is one of my favorite pastimes. I have been an Arthurian legend fan ever since I was little, and I maneuvered my class schedule around so I could take this class this interim. So far, I have not been disappointed at all. There is a lot in Arthurian legend that can impact our lives today... and make us think about why we are here on earth and what we, as Christians, need to be doing. Sooo... keep questing and have fun reading White!

Debbie Burkum

Help! How are you all writing to one another without a class list? And how do I get to you? I am on a quest, but it feels like a quest in a cave. Anyone have a torch?

Bio. Notes-I graduated from Calvin in 1982 with a B.A. in sociology, and a six course concentration in psychology. I married the winter of my junior year, took the next year to work and save money, and finished the following year. I did an internship at Wedgewood, and worked with my husband at Honey Creek Cristian homes as a house parent. Our parents live in Chicago. Pneumonia was the vehicle which moved us out of Honey Creek and into Nashville, Tennessee where my husband went to graduate school in philosophy at Vanderbilt. Herein I became a Jill of many trades: I "staged" tumors for a national registry, climbed the lowly ladder of a hoppin' Kinko's store, and found my niche nurturing 18-36 month old children in a daycare center in the most notorious, impoverished, and violent section of town. That year I had my first child. And by the end of summer, we loaded up a truck and made a precipitous move to Memphis where my husband was hired 3 weeks before fall semester began to teach. Leaping ahead a bit, our second child was born, and six months later my husband, now offered a tenure posistion at his job, decided he wanted a new life. This involved leaving Christianity, and his marriage.

Ah, the point. There was suppose to be one. I am the oldest person in this class thanks alot Prof. Saupe-because I had my children in my late twenties and felt called to parent them. I realized my education would have to be retooled to allow me to have a job where I could support myself, and continue to be available to my kids. Subsequently, I am in a post BA program in elementary ed. I am an avid reader, gardener, and student. I find being in nature restorative, and English would be my major too if I could afford to start over again. I am full of ideas and dreams, and am glad to be in this class with you all.

Sara Bus

greetings fellow classmates and procrastinators (for those of you who have put this intro thing off as long as I have)! I have enjoyed reading about the rest of this class; my e-mail account is more active these days than it's ever been! I am Sara Bus, a sophomore art/English ed. major here at Calvin. My main interest/background with the Arthurian legend is with Tennyson's Idyll's of The King which I grew to love during my high school course in Brit. lit. I'm fascinated with the character Elaine of Astolat (the famous "lady of Shalott"). I guess you could say that I'm frustratingly romantic at heart and can picture myself gazing out the window of my isolated castle, depicting what I see on canvas, or on a magic loom... For those of you who enjoy art, music, or both, check out John William Waterhouse's rendition of "the Lady of Shalott", it is my very favorite--also, Lorenna McKennit (who works with Celtic music) has an absoultely BEAUTIFUL version of the poem put to music on her album, "The Visit"--four stars!! This class has been great so far, after a long, stagnating break my brain has really appreciated the workout (courtesy of Malory, of course!) So, until Tennyson (or the next class), farewell fellow lords and ladies,
The lady of Shalott

p.s. Merlin, whoever you are, PLEASE put in a good word for me with the E. Grand Rapids police dept.-- my luck with our friends in uniform seems to have run a little thin lately...

Derek Christians

ok, i finally decided to join the introduction band wagon. for starters, i am another middle name person. i know it's confusing, but blame my parents, not me. i am a sophomore and studying mechanical engineering. i grew up in traverse city, cherry capital of the world (it's not really all that exciting) and hometown of dan majerle. i really don't know much about arthurian myth, but i love to read just about anything, so i thought this would be a good opportunity to learn. besides, i don't have a fine arts exemption, so i had to take a lit course this interim.

still reading....and reading.....and reading.......

Lance Dykstra

Well, well.
Upon reading the numerous introductions from various members of our class, it would appear that I am one of the few holdouts. Thus, I offer this message, in order that none shall think me secretive. Well, that is, more so, at any rate.

My given name is Daniel Dykstra. I am a junior communication and business major and the resident assistant on second Boer. For those curious about my nickname, consider this: When I assumed my position this fall, I found that there was another Dan on my staff. This alone might have been enough, but I was also informed that there was another Daniel Dykstra living in Boer hall. I decided that I'd rather not deal with the confusion, and therefore took on an old nickname some friends once gave me: Lance. I have always been a great fan of medieval history, and when my friends realized this, they started calling me Sir Lancelot, which was shortened to Lance. Anyway, that's the story...not much to it, is there?

In any case, I think the class is going to ba a lot of fun and I am glad to be a part of it. It's going to be a very interesting interim.

Karen Gilliland

Hello. My name is Karen Gilliland. I decided to take this class because of my vivid interest in the King Arthur legend. I read parts of Malory for the first time last year; it can get tedious at times. I have also read many books based on the King Arthur legend; however, I have not read Lawhead's version yet although I have heard it is very good. I look forward to meeting everyone in January.

Project: The Trial of Guinevere

Michael Heerema


I found myself sitting at a computer with nothing else to do so I decided to do this whole intro thing for the Arthurian Myth class.

Basically this is just a glorified name tag.

Okay here goes: My name is Michael Heerema, by now I'd imagine most of you at least know who I'm talking about. I am an English major, hence I took (unwisely) an english course for interim. I enjoy reading, although I am currently being broken of this habit (two hundred+ pages a night is
a little bit rough, hint hint) I also happen to love stories about Kings, knights, wizards, quests, killer rabbits, enchanted swords, round tables, square tables, trapezoidal tables, and even hypercubal tables (don't ask me, I don't know).

I imagine I talk a great deal in class and will probably continue to do so. I am open and eager for any discussions relating to the characters in the myth, thier motivations, and even any different interpreations of these things. I also read Calvin and Hobbes.

'nuff said.

"No, let's not go there, tis a silly place"

Rachael Hoekstra

dearest class...
well, here's my into, finally. if any of you can't stand reading all small case letters, sorry, but i never use capitals unless it's a dire emergency... my name is rachel amelia hoekstra. i go by "rae" around closer aquaintances and will certainly not be offended if you call me by that name. anyway, i am a bio/pre-med major here at calvin. i like arthur and his stories, but i'm starting to get sick of the repetition that i'm finding in some of the reading material. i'm also scared silly of the rosemary sutcliff book...have you guys even looked at it yet?!?!? it's monstrous, and we have to read it in two measly days. help. i like to golf and run and sail and play piano and violin among other
things. anyway, i'm going to go now so that i won't bore you all to death.
i think i know who merlin is.

Hope Janes

Hello fellow Arthurian scholars. My name is Hope Janes (one of the many in our class who goes by her middle name). After waiting to read what everyone else wrote for their introductions (my justification for procrastinating), I thought it was time I wrote my own.

I have been interested in fairytales, myths, and legends ever since I was a child. One of my favorite books was a huge, beautifully-illustrated volume of fairytales. I would read the stories of Hansel and Gretel, The Dancing Princesses, Snow White, and many others...then, as I fell asleep at night, I would imagine wonderful adventures in which I was the heroine.

I still enjoy myths and stories of chivalrous knights and beautiful damsels. Moreover, as one of my favorite things to do is to lie in bed and read a good book, I thought that "The Second Coming of Arthur" would be a great Interim class. So far I have not been disappointed; class is interesting and there is PLENTY to read. If only Malory had some cool pictures like my childhood fairytale book...

Rachel Kubinski

Well, I must say that I was a bit suprised that this interim class requires so much reading. Not that I dislike reading, but after a while Malory gets a "trifle tedious" in his discriptions. Anyway, I thought I would give a short introduction on myself.

I do not go by my middle name--though I could since there are two other Rachels in the class. I originally planned on being a biology major and studing pre-med. However, at the present I am thinking of changing to an English major and possibly still continuing pre-med. Hence, my enrollment in a literature interim course.

I am originally from New York, but I have lived in Grandville, MI for the last thirteen years. (Incidentally, I am a Freshmen living in Noordewier.) I love sports--from the most chivalrous Calvin Knights to the once battle-scared, but recently victorious Cleveland Cavaliers (actually I'm just a huge Dan Majerle fan [previously a Phoenix Sun])

Anyway, keep reading--when I think that I cannot possibly read another word, I just remind myself that I once read "Crime and Punishment" in one day for my A.P. English class. I'm sure most of you have similar unpleasant stories. So keep up the fight--it could be much worse-- we could be tested or quizzed on this material!!!!!

Andrew Laughlin


i'm andrew laughlin, and i got into celtic mythology this past summer. don't really know why or how, but it appealed to me some way, and since i'm irish and darn proud, i figured i should know a little about them..king arthur is not irish, or even celtic really, but he's british, and i've been to england 3 times, and it's my favorite place i've ever been too..especially oxford, which is where CS Lewis lived a lot of his life...i admire his work above many others, and he liked celtic and norse myth as well, so i got into it that way, i That Hideous Strength, cuz you'll be a better person for it..i think interim should be a fun time to learn, and this class especially, so thats why i took it.. i hate writing e-mail messages, and thast why this message is so dismembered, so to speak..


Melissa Meyer

Up to this point I have simply been reading your messages without replying, but I suppose it's time to stop enjoying all your introductions and make one of my own. My name is Melissa Meyer, and I'm a sophomore English major. I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, and because the next question of anyone who learns this always seems to be "Do you ski?", I will answer that I have been known to pursue this activity, although I would hardly claim to be the Paramount Skier in all the Land. I'm taking this class because of a fascination with knights, quests and adventures which I have had ever since I was very small. I used to call myself Lady Lissa, hop on my horse Midnight (really a bike), and combat all sorts of evils by the side of my brothers Sir Chris and Sir Matthew. I suffered a minor disillusionment when I discovered that ladies rarely actually had a chance to bear a sword, but I soon contented myself with being an enchantress and everything was fine again. I am hoping for a favorable experience this interim with such fine and noble companions. See you all in class.

Noelle Pedersen

Ok here goes, my name is Noelle Pedersen, I am a freshman majoring in English. (Please don't check this message for spelling and grammar mistakes then send it back to me corrected, I have many friends who do that already.) I love to read which is why I took this class. I've read many versions of the Arthur myth but have never tackled Morte d'Arthur.

The only other important things you guys should know is that I revere The Muppets, and I always have the weirdest associations, so if any of you ask me a question and I talk about something totally unrelated be kind and just remind me what I was originally talking about.

Oh yeah over Christmas I was trying to think of the ultimate pen name. What do you guys think about Penny Lane?

Tory Seif

Wha' sup everybody?,

I think I'll take a moment to introduce myself to the people I'll be spending four hours a day for an entire month. I'm a freshman and live in KH 306, x5246. I've been interested in myths in general for a long time. I've also always been facinated by the atmosphere and literature that surround the "Dark Ages". I've studied a few pieces of Lit. in an AP class I took last year at my high school. I'm hoping to learn more about the legend and the times that surround it, and get a few ideas for the novel I've been trying to write for the last year. I'm really looking forward to meeting you all and to pick the brains of those who have more experience and knowledge than I. see-you all in Jan.


P.S. I didn't have my picture taken for the BOD book.

Katie Vander Molen

i think i am going to jump on the intro bandwagon, even though i bet most people are not here anymore. My name is Katie Vander Molen and i love King Arthur too. i have very limited exposure to stories written about him, but my love of Victorian poetry has brought me into contact with Tennyson, and a few minor poets who wrote little poems about the Round Table. SO i look forward to this class.