Student Projects

English W18: Arthurian Myth
Calvin College - January 1996

  • O Fair Lady Knight: a story by Rachel Baljeu

  • Pellinore and the Questing Beast: a children's story (based on T. H. White's) by Katie Bosscher

  • The Return?: a story by Rhonda Boynton

  • Sir Balamar Saves the Day: a story by Sara Bus

  • Rexque Futurus?: a story by Derek Christians

  • Gareth - the tale of a frenzied savage in pursuit of an independent wommon's affections: a story by Daniel "Lance" Dykstra

  • The Round Table: a story by Roderick Francisco

  • The Trial of Guenevere: a narrative poem by Karen Gilliland

  • The Fisher King: a retelling by Michael Heerema

  • Sir Lancelot's Excellent Adventures: a choose-your-own adventure story by Rachel Hoekstra

  • Tristan: A Modern Bedtime Story by Hope Janes

  • In Arthur's Land: a poem by Rachel Kubinski

  • A Short Fictitious story about Myrddin, Crimmal, and Arthur by Andrew J. Laughlin

  • The Knight and the Dwarf: a story by Melissa Meyer

  • The Cottage of Lost Play: a story by Noelle Pedersen

  • The Moonlit Way: A Quest for Love and the Grail: the beginnings of a novel by Napha Lewis (Tory Seif)

  • Camelot: a story by Katie Vander Molen

  • Chapter 13. How a strange knight came to the court and what his name was, and how Arthur waxed wroth and of his quest: something by Craig Van Ens

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