Lancelot's Excellent Adventures

by Rachel Hoekstra

Your name is Lancelot du Lake. You are about to embark on an excellent adventure, full of quests and battles and love. But your life is in your control, and you will make the decisions that will ultimately determine your destiny. Your purpose in this particular adventure is to become a knight of the Table Round and fulfill a quest given to you by King Arthur. If you make the right choices and reach the end of the quest, you will be an honorable true knight.

But be forewarned--sometimes the choice that looks to be the most obvious will turn out to be the most disastrous.

Good Luck.

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Chapter 1

It is a normal sunny morning at your home, the castle of your father the King, in Benwick, France. You, an eighteen- year-old Lancelot du Lake, are in the armory of the castle, a room full of swords and spears and war gear. Across the room stands your uncle Dap, an old man who has taught you everything you need to know about fighting; how to use a sword, how to wear armor without falling off your horse, and other necessities. You are about to engage in a mock battle with him, when you hear a noise outside the armory door.

Bill the Page, a peonic eight-year-old, runs in through the door, out of breath.

"Master Lancelot, Master Lancelot!" he cries, "come quickly! A magician has come to court wishing to speak with you!"

You quickly glance up. A magician wants to see you? You quickly lay your wooden practice sword on the dusty stool near the door, staring at the page in disbelief.

"What does he want?" you ask, hardly containing your curiousity, and head out the door, going toward the castle.

"I don't know, Master Lancelot," Bill answers honestly, leading the way to the throne room where your mother, Queen Elaine, sees visitors.

Once inside the throne room, you take a good look at this magician. He is an old, curious man, and you recognize him from the court of King Arthur. It is Merlin, Arthur's personal court magician.
You hold your breath, excited. What could he want? Secretly you hope that he brings news from King Arthur. When you were still quite young, Arthur told you that one day, he would make you one of his knights. Maybe Merlin is here to make you one of Arthur's knights...

But Merlin has other news. He tells you that Arthur sends his greetings, and that he is married now, to Leodegrance's daughter, Gwenevere. He also says that Arthur had a round table with already over a hundred knights, with only room for twenty more. Then Merlin disappears in a puff of smoke.
You are visibly disturbed. What about Arthur's promise to make you one of his knights? Soon the table will be full, and there won't be any more room for you. What will you do?

-If you decide to send a message to Arthur, asking if he has a position for you at his table, go on to chapter 2.

-If you decide that your chances of obtaining knighthood are better here in France, and that you can join the Round Table in a few years, go to chapter 3. After all, Arthur did say that you would be one of his knights someday, and it's too early to become one now.

-If you decide to go to England right away and try your luck for a place at the Table Round against all the knights of England, go to chapter 6.

Chapter 2

You run up to your chambers, tears in your eyes, and sit down at a table to begin a letter to King Arthur:
Dear King Arthur,

I want to be one of your knights really, really badly. could you please let me know if you would like me to come to England and be one of the knights of the Table Round?

You sign the letter and call for a page. When Bill finally shows up, you give orders that the message should go straight to England. Bill bows and leaves the room.

A few weeks later, your mother calls for you. You go and see her, and she has news for you. "Lance, I have had the most exciting idea!" she cries, straightening her gown. "I think that since you are so upset about this whole King Arthur business and such and such...oh, where was I?" She blushes, giggles, and then continues. "Well, I thought that maybe you'd like to go with your father on the next hunt. I know you enjoy a good hunt, and your father has just sent word that he will be coming home for a little while, in a few weeks. He's taking a vacation from battle, and would like to go on a hunt. Would you like to go?"

She looks expectantly at you, waiting for an answer. You think it over. What should you decide?

-If you decide to stay at home and skip the hunt, go to chapter 8. After all, an answer should be coming from King Arthur any week now, and you wouldn't want to miss it.

-If you decide to go on the hunt with your father to get your mind off the Round Table for now, go to chapter 5. You've always loved a good hunt, and besides, if a letter comes while you are gone, it will be waiting when you get back.

Chapter 3

You head back up to your room. It will be okay, you tell yourself. Someday, when you're older, you know that you will make your dream come true and go to England and become a knight of the Table Round. It will happen, just like Arthur said it will.

A few months pass, and one day a messenger comes to the palace with terrible news: your father has died in battle. You suddenly come to the realization that this means that you will be crowned king next week. Terrified, you try to decide what to do.

-if you decide that being King at Benwick won't be so bad after all, and will give you a wonderful chance to help Arthur out in England, go to chapter 4.

-if you decide to leave immediately for England, and escape all the pressures of being a king, go to chapter 9.

Chapter 4

The coronation takes place the following week. You are crowned king of France at Benwick. It is a boring job, but you stay fairly busy on hunts and giving banquets and getting fat. After awhile you forget about your dreams of becoming a Round Table knight. Every once in awhile, you hear word from England about Arthur, and how his Table Round flopped after awhile, for lack of knights who were good and true.

When you are about forty-nine years old, you die of a heart attack.

The End
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  • Chapter 5

    You go on the hunt with your father. It's nice to see him again, since he's hardly ever home anymore. You kill a few harts, and after a week, it's time to head back to Benwick Castle. On the way home, you are anxious to get there as fast as you possibly can. Maybe there is some way of getting there faster. You decide to go and talk to your dad and see if maybe you can ride ahead on your horse, instead of going slower with the rest of the hunting party. Besides, it's only a few days ride back to the castle, and you have enough food in your saddle pack to last you.

    Your dad is hesitant. The roads in France are not exactly the safest place to travel alone, but he knows that you are a good soldier, and can defend yourself. However, he leaves the choice up to you.

    -If you decide to ride ahead and reach the castle alone, go to chapter 7. You are old enough to defend yourself, and you'll reach the castle earlier in order to see if a letter from King Arthur has reached your castle yet.

    -If you decide to stay with the hunting party, just to be safe, go to chapter 8. If a letter has come, it will be there when you get home.

    Chapter 6

    You run out to find Uncle Dap in the armory. When you find him, you take a deep breath.

    "Uncle Dap?"

    "Yes, my boy?"

    "I'm leaving for England. Today. Right now."

    Uncle Dap looks at you in amazement, but says nothing. Then he takes a deep breath. "It seems so sudden," he says. "Your mother doesn't usually make up her mind this fast."

    "She doesn't know...come on, let's go!" You are impatient to get going. You can't let a chance like this slip out of your hands.

    A week later, you and Uncle Dap are riding towards Camelot. You are anxious and worried. What if the Table Round is full and you have come this far for no reason at all? What if Arthur has forgotten about you?

    Just then, a black knight rides up into view, and calls out to you to fight him. Custom says that you must fight him, so you consent. You face the black knight on the opposite end of the glade that you are fighting in. Then both of you charge. In a second, the black knight is on his back. You have knocked him off of his horse. Staring in disbelief, you dismount and pull out your sword. This is your first real joust ever, and already you seem to have the upper hand.

    The black knight stands up, but instead of pulling out his sword to fight to the end, he takes off his helmet. You are confused at first, until you see the face underneath the helmet. It's King Arthur!

    You are knighted the following week.

    You remain in King Arthur's court for a few years, doing good deeds here, rescuing a damsel there, and so on. Every once in awhile there are tournaments, and you begin to win the hearts of England, as you win more and more tournaments. Soon you are the best knight in the country.

    Unfortunately, you begin to win the heart of the Queen Gwenevere, too. And slowly but surely, the two of you begin to fall in love. Realizing that something must be done about this, you decide that you should just suppress your feelings for her, and go on with your life. You love Arthur way too much to have an affair with his wife.

    One day, King Arthur calls you to the throne room with a quest he says is only for you. The wheels in your head begin to turn. Maybe it's time you got out of Camelot for awhile...

    Your entrance is announced in the throne room, and King Arthur looks up with a smile from the game of Scrabble he is playing with the lovely Queen Gwenevere.

    "Lance! How glad I am that you came! Listen, I have a quest for you...."

    He goes on to describe the predicament that has come over him: He had been hunting, and lost his sword, Exalibur, in the forests of England. At first he was not worried, because he thought that it would turn up, but soon he heard word that it had been found and stolen by the evil knight, Sir Turquine. Sir Turquine was reputed to be one of the strongest knights in the world...

    "...and that's why I need you to go and get it back for me, Lance." The King finishes with a smile. "Will you go and rescue Excalibur for me?"

    -If you think about it, and decide to ask for more time to think it over first, go to chapter 21.

    -If you decide to leave on this quest right away, go to chapter 10.

    Chapter 7

    You reach the castle, just as the mailman rides up to the front gate.

    "I live here," you say to the mailman. "I'll take the mail to the King and Queen if you wish."

    He hands the bundle to you and turns to leave.

    Eagerly, you sort through the mail. To your happiness, there is a letter to you from Arthur's court! You tear it open and read:
    Dear Lance,

    I'd be honored to have you as part of my Table Round. I'm saving a place for you, so come to England ASAP.

    Love, King Arthur

    You are overjoyed. And you start to make plans for going to England. Maybe Uncle Dap will want to come....

    Go to Chapter 6

    Chapter 8

    You've been waiting at home for a day since the hunt came back, and still there is no word from England.

    Unbeknownst to you, your mother, Queen Elaine received the letter from England three days ago, and, not wishing for you to go to England, burned the letter in the fire.

    You wait for the rest of your life. After three years, you die of a broken heart.

    The End
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  • Chapter 9

    You leave for England the next day, taking Uncle Dap with you. On the boat that is bringing you over the channel, you begin talking to a merchant who is headed for Arthur's court, too.

    "Have you heard anything lately of the Table Round?" you ask, hoping for some news.

    "Only that King Arthur just filled the table last month. They say the last knight was one by the name of Turquine. But that's old news, sir, surely you must've known that already...?"

    "Um...yes, yes, I did..." You turn from the merchant and stare out towards England. Slowly, tears form in your eyes, and you struggle to push them back. Your heart is broken and your journey has been in vain.

    You suddenly jump over the side of the boat, and are swept over by the huge waves, never to be seen again.

    The End
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  • Chapter 10

    In a few days, you are all ready to leave on the quest for Arthur's sword, Excalibur. The entire court shows up to see you off, and Gwenevere has tears in her eyes as you ride off into the forest.

    It doesn't take you long to find an adventure. In just a few hours, you have chanced upon a knight riding along with a prisoner on the horse next to him. You gasp as you realize that the prisoner is one of your fellow knights of the Table Round, Sir Lionel.

    Certainly you must release him, so you challenge the knight, who's name is Sir Carados, to a duel. Sir Carados is an excellent fighter, but eventually you win the duel, slay Sir Carados, and Sir Lionel is freed.

    Sir Lionel thanks you for freeing him, and then asks if he can come along on the quest.

    -If you say yes, go on to chapter 11.

    -If you say no, turn to chapter 12.

    Chapter 11

    You and Sir Lionel ride together through the forest. After awhile, you begin to feel a little tired. There is an apple tree next to the road, and you mention to Sir Lionel that you could really use a nap. Lionel offers to keep watch while you sleep, but you think maybe you should just keep riding, anyway.

    -If you decide to stop and take a nap, go to chapter 14.

    -If you decide to continue with your quest, go to chapter 16.

    Chapter 12

    After Sir Lionel rides back towards Camelot, you ride on into the forest. It is already late in the afternoon, and you start thinking about how exactly you're going to regain the sword of Arthur.

    You ride until sunset, and then find an abbey to stay at for the night. The monks there are very kind, and offer you food and a bed for the night.

    In the morning, you start out bright and early, in search of an adventure. By midmorning, you still have not seen anyone who can give you clues to the whereabouts of Sir Turquine, and you are starting to get impatient.

    Then all of the sudden, you hear a high-pitched whistle and your arm begins to sting. You look at your arm and discover that you have been shot in the arm with a tiny arrow. Then the trees around you begin to spin, and your world goes black.

    Go to chapter 15.

    Chapter 13

    You turn towards Sir Turquine. "My name is Sir Kay the Seneschal," you reply.

    "Liar!" screams Sir Turquine. "This very day in a duel, I have defeated Sir Kay the Seneschal. You are a dishonest knight. Tell me who you really are." His eyes flare with anger.

    Go to chapter 15.

    Chapter 14

    You lie down to take a nap, and Sir Lionel stands guard. The flies are bugging you, but soon you are fast asleep, out of sheer exhaustion. You sleep for hours and hours.

    Go to chapter 16.

    Chapter 15

    "I am Sir Lancelot du Lake," you admit.

    Sir Turquine hisses through his helmet, and strikes without warning. But you are quick, and in a minute, it is over. Sir Turquine is dead.

    You free the prisoners, and they all joyfully turn back towards Camelot. Then you enter the castle of Sir Turquine to find the sword of Arthur, Excalibur.

    You come upon it lying in the bedchamber of Sir Turquine. It is sheathed, and is hidden beneath the pillows of the bed. You reach for it's golden handle, and feel the beautiful sword in your hand. Then you turn to leave. Your quest is done.

    You are greeted at the castle of Camelot by an overjoyed Arthur, who takes you in his arms and squeezes almost all life out of you in a gigantic bear hug. You kiss the fair hand of the beautiful Queen Gwenevere, who blushes. Then the feasting begins, and there is much happiness at Camelot.

    THE END !!!
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  • Chapter 16

    When you finally wake up, you find yourself in a cold, bare chamber of a castle somewhere. Not knowing where you are, you start to call for help. In a while, a fair damsel comes into the chamber with some dinner for you.

    "Where am I?" you ask, confused.

    "Sir," she replies, "you are a prisoner in the Castle Chariot."

    "And may I ask whose prisoner I am?"

    "Sir, you are a prisoner of the four magic queens of Northgalis, Out Isles, Gore, and Eastland."

    "Thank you," you reply, and the damsel leaves.

    Not five minutes later, you hear someone open the door again. This time it is the four magic queens, led by Morgan le Fay, who introduces them to you.

    "Now," says Morgan le Fay, "we know about you, so you need not think that we don't. You are Sir Lancelot du Lake, and we happen to know that you are the best knight in the world, and that is why women like you. We four queens have you in our power, and you have to choose which of us you would like for your mistress. Now, which of us will it be?"

    You pretend to think for a moment. "None of you."

    "What?!?" cry the four queens.

    "That's right, none of you. I will never have any of you for a mistress. And that's the end of it." The queens act very put out for a minute, and then Morgan answers:

    "Well, if that's the way you see it, you will remain locked up in here until you change your mind. Goodbye."

    And with that, they leave. You aren't quite sure which to worry about more: the fact that you are locked up here indefinitely, or the fact that you are being held prisoner by four angry magic queens. As you ponder this, the damsel who brought you your dinner comes in through the door. "Sir Lancelot?"


    "Um...well, sir, you see...well, I can get you out of here if you want."

    You stare at her. And then she takes your hand and leads you out the door. You pass through twelve magic doors, but soon you are outside of the castle.

    "Fair damsel, what can I do for you in return?" you ask.

    "All I ask is that you give me a kiss on the cheek," she replies, "and that you take me safely to my father's castle." You give her a kiss, and then find your horse from the stables and you are on your way.

    After dropping the damsel off at her castle (where she will be safe from the wrath of the four queens after they discover that you are gone), you are on your way again.

    One day, you come to a fork in the road.

    -If you turn to the left, go to chapter 19.

    -If you turn to the right, go to chapter 18.

    Chapter 17

    You ride until about suppertime, and then look for a stream to let your horses drink from. The water is cool and clear. As you bend over to get a drink of water, you are both suddenly hit on the head by the blunt edges of two swords.

    You come to in a dark, noisy dungeon. A group of other prisoners are gathered around you. As your eyes begin to focus, and your headache clears, you see, much to your joy, that the prisoners around you are all knights of the Table Round. They are all happy to see you, but they have sad news:

    "Well you see, Sir Lancelot, we're all prisoners of the mighty Sir Turquine. Some of us have been here for almost three months. And we don't see any hope of ever getting out of here, since you were our last hope, Lancelot. Nobody knows we're here."

    Your face falls, and you resign yourself to the fact that you will be here for a long time.

    For the next forty years or so, you and the other knights wait anxiously for a day when someone will come for you. King Arthur has been looking for you, but after the first ten years, he finally loses hope and gives up the search. Finally you all get old and die.


    The End.
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  • Chapter 18

    Taking the road to the right, you ride along for a larger part of the day. The birds are singing and every so often you cross a stream or pass a waterfall.

    Suddenly you hear another sound. It is the sound of a lady crying for help, down the road a little way. You ride towards the cry, and soon a castle comes into view. And there in the yard is a lady. She is crying for help because her falcon seems to have been caught in a tree.

    You sigh in frustration. Well, might as well help her, you think. So you disarm and begin to ascend the tree.

    The lady is bubbling and gushing and thanking you over and over, even though you haven't even set the falcon free yet. In a minute, you have untangled the falcon's string, and begin to descend the tree.

    At that minute, the man of the house comes out of the house, fully armed.

    "Hah-hah! I have finally got you, Sir Lancelot! Now I will kill you!" He moves toward the tree, sword in hand. You have no choice but to jump out of the tree and defend yourself as best you can.

    "Indeed, I am shocked by your terribly bad form," you comment snidely, trying to manuever around the knight to your sword. At that moment, the knight swings his sword, and lops off your head.

    The End.
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  • Chapter 19

    Taking the road to the left, you travel for about three hours. Then, to your surprise, you come upon a large tree with many familiar shields upon it. You realize suddenly that this must be the trophy tree of a mighty knight who has beaten all of these knights in duels. And then you see poor Sir Lionel's shield. You are determined to fight this knight who has captured your dear friend Sir Lionel, and release the other knights, who must certainly be prisoners.

    A castle comes into view, and as you approach, a great knight comes out of the castle.

    "Fair knight," you say, "let us prove our strengths."

    Then the duel begins. To make a long story short, this particular great knight is of the name Sir Turquine, as you soon discover. He is certainly a match for you, and is very strong. Many times during the duel, you escape death narrowly, and the same for the other, until two hours have passed, and the two of you are still fighting.

    "Stop," says Sir Turquine suddenly. "I want to speak with you." You stop.

    "Who are you? You are the finest knight I have ever fought with. Now, I will let all of my prisoners free, and let you go unharmed, and have peace, if you are a friend."

    "And who is a friend?" you ask.

    "Anyone but the knight who goes by the name Lancelot du Lake," says Sir Turquine, "for he has killed my very own brother, Sir Carados."

    You think for a moment. You could lie, and tell him your name is something that it is not, or you could tell him the truth, and risk not freeing the other knights. What will you do?

    -If you lie to him, go to chapter 13.

    -If you tell him the truth, go to chapter 15.

    Chapter 20

    You cross the glade to a tiny little cottage. The walls are covered with candy, and the roof is made of peppermint patty shingles. The house looks so tempting, you can hardly resist going up to it and taking a bite. So you do.

    Suddenly a roar comes from the house.

    "WHO'S BEEN EATING MY HOUSE!" a voice roars.

    You timidly step away from the house, and as you do, a crooked old lady with a cane steps out onto the front porch, evidently miffed.

    -If you decide to tell her who you are, go to Never- Neverland.

    -If you decide to lie to her about your true identity, go to Pleasure Island. Just kidding, folks, this chapter was just a joke to see if you've been reading chapters that you shouldn't have. For those of you who read this, stop snooping around in forbidden chapters, and go back to chapter 19 where you belong.

    Chapter 21

    (otherwise known as "The Way Rachel Wants It to End")

    You stay at Camelot a little while longer for two reasons. First, you need some time to decide if this quest is really something you want to embark on. But the second reason, or real reason, is that you're delaying your departure because you can't bear the thought of leaving Gwenevere, and you want to talk to her. So one night when Camelot is asleep, Gwenevere the beautiful sends for you.
    You reach her quarters and are lead to the room where Gwenevere is sitting in a chair by the fire, dressed in traveler's clothes. When you enter, she turns to face you, her blushing face all smiles.

    "I want to run away with you to New York, my dearest darling Lance!" she cries with a flourish of her caped arms.

    "Anything for you, baby!" you cry, and the two of you meet in the center of the room in a hug.

    "I've loved you since the first day I laid eyes on you, Lance."

    And you live happily ever after. In New York City. Gwen works as a cocktail waitress, and you drive a cab.

    The End.
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