The Second Coming of Arthur:
Retelling the Arthurian Myth

English W18 - Interim 1996 - Calvin College

Student Projects

Stories, poems, and an essay from Interim '96.

Brittania Internet Magazine has a link to our student projects in a feature article on Arthur and the Legends.


The Camelot Project: Arthurian literature, art, and references. Look here for the Grail.
Avalon: Arthurian Heaven
Arthurian Manuscripts and Fiction
Arthurian Booklist
Arthurian Home Page by Douglas Johnston
Arthuriana (a scholarly journal)
Guide to Arthurian Resources on the Internet (Includes access to film database)
The Tennyson Page (background material and some texts from Idylls)
Mark Twain Resources (maintained by Jim Zwick at Syracuse University)
Wendy's Arthurian Page

You can search for additional materials using Lycos or Yahoo.

Labyrinth provides links for researching medieval topics.


Malory, Sir Thomas. Le Morte D'Arthur.
Suttcliff, Rosemary. Sword at Sunset. 1963. New York: TOR, 1987.
Tennyson, Alfred. Idylls of the King (selections): see Camelot Project or Tennyson Page, above
Twain, Mark. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.
White, T. H. The Once and Future King. New York: Ace, 1987.

Recommended reading:

Barber, Richard L. The Arthurian Legends. Boydell, 1979.
Lupack, Alan, ed. Modern Arthurian Literature: An Anthology of English and American Arthuriana from the Renaissance to the Present. Garland, 1992.

The Class

Here are the introductory messages students posted to the engl-w18 list.

Other Things to Do

Sing along with this song from Camelot.

If you've finished all your reading, it's safe to visit a Monty Python site.

Play First Knight Quest, courtesy of Columbia Pictures.

If you find a useful or interesting resource not listed here, please share it. Email the URL to me at, and I'll add it to this page.


The Cardiff Arthurian Society
The Oxford Arthurian Society

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