I teach in the English Department of Calvin College and oversee the Rhetoric Center. My book, Middle English Marian Lyrics, is ranked 1,585,668th at Amazon. I think sales will pick up when the movie comes out.

I often host Inner Compass, an interview show produced at Calvin and aired on PBS station WGVU in West Michigan. Selected episodes air in more than 60 cities. If your local PBS station isn't showing IC, you should turn off the TV and go read a book. To hear audio or view podcasts of the show, Visit the iTunes music store (downloads are free) or use this URL with your favorite podcasting software: http://www.calvin.edu/innercompass/icvideo_feed.xml.

Here's an old Honors Convocation talk I gave at Calvin.

If you're wondering what my cat is doing while I work, check out the SimbaCam.

Courses I have taught at Calvin

  • English 215: Survey of English Literature I (Old English through Restoration)
  • Survey of English Literature II (Restoration through Romantic Age)
  • The Teaching of Literature
  • Understanding Literature
  • History of the English Language
  • English Literature of the Middle Ages
  • Chaucer
  • Shakespeare
  • English 101: Written Rhetoric
  • Children's Literature (Spring 1999)
  • Christian Perspectives on Learning (Interim 1999)
  • Reading and Writing Christian Lyric Poetry (Interim 1998)
  • Arthurian Literature (Interim 1996) 
  • DCM: Reading Banned Books
  • An Inside Look at the January Series

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My e-mail address is ksaupe at calvin dot edu.

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