[Ensor, Christ's Entry into Brussels, 1888]

Urban Altruism
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An Alternative Anthropology in Ruskin & Morris: Cooperation [a web-based lecture, 11.4.2006]

I. Background:

A. Cities in Victorian Britain: (Pugin's Contrast)

B. The Oxford Movement

C. Medievalism: The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

II. The Cast of Characters

A. John Ruskin

Ruskin's Life

Select Works: Modern Painters I; Stones of Venice; others

Resources at Ruskin Today

B. William Morris

Brief Biography

Select Works: Designs; Writings (esp. Socialist Writings)

Resources at William Morris Society

III. Social Visions [see handout]

A. Rethinking "society" at the level of philosophical anthropology: Cooperation vs. Competition

B. Lingering Questions about "Formation" for Cooperation

C. Tensions: Ruskin, Morris, and the Trajectory from "Garden Cities" to Suburbia


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