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Online Articles

[Most of my popular writing can now be found in Comment magazine.]

[Last updated: Fall 2011]

"A Peculiar People," Perspectives (November 2011).

"Apprenticeship by Correspondence" and "Letter to Young Parents" from Letters to the Young, a special issue of Comment magazine (Spring 2011).

"Writing (and) Theology," Perspectives (May 2011).

"Buried Treasures?," The Banner (January 2011).

"Poser Christianity: A Review of McCracken's Hipster Christianity," The Other Journal (October 2010).

Interview ("Philosophy, Communication, and Culture") at at Patrol magazine.

"How (Not) to Change the World," a review of Hunter's To Change the World, The Other Journal (September 2010).

"Show Me the World [on Charles Wright's Sestets]," in Comment (July 2010).

"Redemption," in Comment magazine (Spring 2010).

"Practice Overload? A Response to Willimon," at the Duke Call & Response Blog

"Epistemology for the Rest of Us: Hints of a Paradigm Shift in Abraham's Crossing the Threshold of Revelation," in Philosophia Christi 10 (December 2008). [Permission has been granted by the editorial office of Philosophia Christi to post this contribution. To subscribe to Philosophia Christi, please click Philosophia Christi is the peer-reviewed journal of the Evangelical Philosophical Society (]

"What Jesus Did: On the Incarnation as a More Radical Hermeneutics [on John D. Caputo's What Would Jesus Deconstruct?," Global Spiral 8.11, February 2008.

"The Gospel of Freedom, or Another Gospel?: Augustinian Reflections on American Foreign Policy," Web Forum, Martin Marty Center [2007.12.04]

"Lost in Translation," Books & Culture, November/December 2007

Audio: "On Being Pentecostal and Reformed,"Chapel Talk, Calvin College [2007.10.01]

"Loving Our Neighbor(hood)s: The Architecture of Altruism," in Comment Magazine, August 3, 2007

"Dumbing Down Discernment? Part 2: The Tyranny of the Contemporary," in Uncompressed 1.3 (May 2007), published by the Student Activities Office of Calvin College

"Dumbing Down Discernment? Part 1: The Hegemony of the Popular," in Uncompressed 1.3 (March 2007), published by the Student Activities Office of Calvin College

Interview: an interview with me about Christianity and postmodernism in the Mars Hill Audio Journal, vol. 82 (Sept/Oct 2006) [a free bonus track is also available]

"The Devil Reads Derrida: Fashion, French Philosophy, and Postmodernism," at Relevant magazine [2006.10.23]

"Replacing Rallies with Revivals [on Greg Boyd's Myth of a Christian Nation," Christianity Today Online [2006.10.05]

"Maybe...NeoCalvinism: a peek into my neocalvinist toolbox," Comment [Work Research Foundation] [2006.04.07]

"Science, Perspectivalism, and Christian Faith: Jacques Derrida meets Ken Ham," posted at the InterVarsity Following Christ site [linked 2006.04.13]

"Our History of Violence" in Sightings, published by the Martin Marty Center at the University of Chicago [2005.12.08]

"Evangelicals Out of the Box," an interview with Krista Tippett on the NPR Program Speaking of Faith [2005.10.20]

"Harry Potter and the Prophet of Doom: Prophecy and Predestination in Harry Potter," on [2005.08.16]

"Working At Rest," a chapel message on Hebrews 4, delivered in Calvin Chapel [2005.03.02]; now published in Perspectives [2005.05]

"Remember You are Catholic", a review of George Weigl's Letters to a Young Catholic in Perspectives [2004.11]

"Are Men Really Wild at Heart?," co-authored with Mark Mulder in Perspectives [2004.10] (New: critical response and our counter-response in Perspectives [2005.02]

In Memoriam: Jacques Derrida (1930-2004) in Books & Culture Online [2004.10.18]

"Schools of Thought [on the Supreme Court's Locke v. Davey ruling]" in Sightings, published by the Martin Marty Center at the University of Chicago [2004.06.14]

"Christian Worship as Public Disturbance: Acting as Ambassadors of a King-in-Waiting," in Calvin's Minds e-journal [Volume 1.2, 2004]

"Don't see Christ's body in The Passion, instead be it," published in The Grand Rapids Press [2004.04.06]

"Why Freedom is a Bad Idea: A Postmodern Celebration of Discipline," in Calvin's Minds e-journal [Volume 1.1, 2004]

"'Free Your Mind': The Postmodern Pauline Message in The Matrix," in Calvin's Minds e-journal [Volume 1.1, 2004]

"The Economics of the Emerging Church," published on The Ooze, a resource for the "emerging church."

Why Christianity is Sexier Than American Liberalism
[A "Perspectives"Article which appeared in the Chimes Feb. 21, 2003, in response to an earlier article]

A Response to Leiter's Response to Hoekema; Or, Some Notes on the "Analytic/Continental Divide"


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A number of my "popular" articles from magazines such as Christianity Today, the Christian Century, and Comment have been gathered into The Devil Reads Derrida from Eerdmans and Discipleship in the Present Tense from Calvin College Press.