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Online Articles

"A Peculiar People," Perspectives (November 2011).

"Apprenticeship by Correspondence" and "Letter to Young Parents" from Letters to the Young, a special issue of Comment magazine (Spring 2011).

"Writing (and) Theology," Perspectives (May 2011).

"Buried Treasures?," The Banner (January 2011).

"Poser Christianity: A Review of McCracken's Hipster Christianity," The Other Journal (October 2010).

Interview ("Philosophy, Communication, and Culture") at at Patrol magazine.

"How (Not) to Change the World," a review of Hunter's To Change the World, The Other Journal (September 2010).

"Show Me the World [on Charles Wright's Sestets]," in Comment (July 2010).

"Redemption," in Comment magazine (Spring 2010).

"Practice Overload? A Response to Willimon," at the Duke Call & Response Blog

"Epistemology for the Rest of Us: Hints of a Paradigm Shift in Abraham's Crossing the Threshold of Revelation," in Philosophia Christi 10 (December 2008). [Permission has been granted by the editorial office of Philosophia Christi to post this contribution. To subscribe to Philosophia Christi, please click www.epsociety.org/store Philosophia Christi is the peer-reviewed journal of the Evangelical Philosophical Society (www.epsociety.org)]

"What Jesus Did: On the Incarnation as a More Radical Hermeneutics [on John D. Caputo's What Would Jesus Deconstruct?," Global Spiral 8.11, February 2008.

"The Gospel of Freedom, or Another Gospel?: Augustinian Reflections on American Foreign Policy," Web Forum, Martin Marty Center [2007.12.04]

"Lost in Translation," Books & Culture, November/December 2007

Audio: "On Being Pentecostal and Reformed,"Chapel Talk, Calvin College [2007.10.01]

"Loving Our Neighbor(hood)s: The Architecture of Altruism," in Comment Magazine, August 3, 2007

"Dumbing Down Discernment? Part 2: The Tyranny of the Contemporary," in Uncompressed 1.3 (May 2007), published by the Student Activities Office of Calvin College

"Dumbing Down Discernment? Part 1: The Hegemony of the Popular," in Uncompressed 1.3 (March 2007), published by the Student Activities Office of Calvin College

Interview: an interview with me about Christianity and postmodernism in the Mars Hill Audio Journal, vol. 82 (Sept/Oct 2006) [a free bonus track is also available]

"The Devil Reads Derrida: Fashion, French Philosophy, and Postmodernism," at Relevant magazine [2006.10.23]

"Replacing Rallies with Revivals [on Greg Boyd's Myth of a Christian Nation," Christianity Today Online [2006.10.05]

"Maybe...NeoCalvinism: a peek into my neocalvinist toolbox," Comment [Work Research Foundation] [2006.04.07]

"Science, Perspectivalism, and Christian Faith: Jacques Derrida meets Ken Ham," posted at the InterVarsity Following Christ site [linked 2006.04.13]

"Our History of Violence" in Sightings, published by the Martin Marty Center at the University of Chicago [2005.12.08]

"Evangelicals Out of the Box," an interview with Krista Tippett on the NPR Program Speaking of Faith [2005.10.20]

"Harry Potter and the Prophet of Doom: Prophecy and Predestination in Harry Potter," on Beliefnet.com [2005.08.16]

"Working At Rest," a chapel message on Hebrews 4, delivered in Calvin Chapel [2005.03.02]; now published in Perspectives [2005.05]

"Remember You are Catholic", a review of George Weigl's Letters to a Young Catholic in Perspectives [2004.11]

"Are Men Really Wild at Heart?," co-authored with Mark Mulder in Perspectives [2004.10] (New: critical response and our counter-response in Perspectives [2005.02]

In Memoriam: Jacques Derrida (1930-2004) in Books & Culture Online [2004.10.18]

"Schools of Thought [on the Supreme Court's Locke v. Davey ruling]" in Sightings, published by the Martin Marty Center at the University of Chicago [2004.06.14]

"Christian Worship as Public Disturbance: Acting as Ambassadors of a King-in-Waiting," in Calvin's Minds e-journal [Volume 1.2, 2004]

"Don't see Christ's body in The Passion, instead be it," published in The Grand Rapids Press [2004.04.06]

"Why Freedom is a Bad Idea: A Postmodern Celebration of Discipline," in Calvin's Minds e-journal [Volume 1.1, 2004]

"'Free Your Mind': The Postmodern Pauline Message in The Matrix," in Calvin's Minds e-journal [Volume 1.1, 2004]

"The Economics of the Emerging Church," published on The Ooze, a resource for the "emerging church."

Why Christianity is Sexier Than American Liberalism
[A "Perspectives"Article which appeared in the Chimes Feb. 21, 2003, in response to an earlier article]

A Response to Leiter's Response to Hoekema; Or, Some Notes on the "Analytic/Continental Divide"


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