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The following links point to projects done by students in English W42, Multimedia Storytelling, during the interim semester of 2011. Their assignment was to design a multi-linear website that tells a story. They developed design elements in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator CS5; they shot photos & videos & recorded audio, combining the elements in iMovie; they interviewed people and dug through online databases; they even used the reference section of the library and read books! All-in-all, they did a lot of work, and it shows.

Hannah Brenton Freegans

Sam Brondyke Names

Nicholas Capisciolto Promotional ID and Video

Ash Doornbos Beetles

Becca Jasperse Stress

Sol Ji Jeon Cardigans

Abby Koning Inanimate Stories

Ae Hee Lee The Little Prince

Kristin Lier Love

John Robinson Legalization of Marijuana

Josh Sweetman Glassblowing

Madeline Tracy Taxidermy

Kristen Van Dyk Fair-trade Coffee

Mai Nou Yang Hmong Culture


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