Derek's Collection of Crossing Signs

Here are some "crossing signs" that I have collected over the past while - many of them were collected on family vacations. I hope to add more as I encounter more exotic crossing signs. I am not sure how extensive the "canonical" set of all crossing signs is, but I imagine the possibilities are quite broad.

atv beaver bee bike-bump bike bikehike
buffalo buggy bump bus bus2 bus3
carriage childplay children chipmunk church cow
deer dog ducks elderly firetruck flatbed
geese geese2 golfcart goose hiker hill
hill2 horse ice liftbridge low-clearance moose
narrow person porcupine railway rocks rocks2
seesaw sheep snake1 snake2 snowmobile streetcar
texasgate toad tractor-cow tractor tractor2 train
truck truck2 turtle turtle2 variety water

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