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Send posts to The list is currently moderated. Please pay attention to the following guidelines when posting to the list.
Appropriate Posts
Inappropriate Posts and Use of Posts

Appropriate Posts
Posts should be restricted to items of particular interest for Christians in astronomy in line with the purposes of the list.

For example:

organizing gatherings at astronomy conferences
announcements about Christian academic conferences
recommendation of useful resources on topics of science & faith
advertisements for jobs in astronomy at Christian institutions
integrating the Christian faith into the teaching of astronomy courses
keeping astronomy textbook writers accountable for philosophical/religious comments
Christian responses to astronomy articles and popular books, particularly when these go beyond science
possible astronomical events recorded in the Bible
church outreach talks or Sunday school classes on astronomy
sharing the Christian faith with astronomy colleagues
how chr-astro can be a Christian influence in the astronomy community

Note that this list is representative but not complete! Be creative.

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Inappropriate Posts and Use of Posts
This is intended to be a fairly low-volume list, and thus it is important to stay away from extended dialogues. There are many forums (electronic and otherwise) for discussion of science & faith issues in general and creation/evolution issues in particular. Posts with long questions or opinion statements on creation/evolution should be sent to another list rather than to chr-astro. Posts intended for one or a few subscribers should be directed to those individuals, not to the entire list.

Messages posted to chr-astro are intended to be read by others on the list. Please do NOT forward, quote, or paraphrase someone else's writing to people outside the list without the express permission of the author.